Math 410 Homework, Fall 2006

(3 October version)

There are weekly homework assignments worth 15 points each. These are given below, but are subject to changes announced in class. Only your 10 best homework scores count toward your course grade.

When and Where to Turn in Your Homework. Each Homework assignment should be turned in no later than its due date by either:

If the University cancels class for any reason on the scheduled due date of an assignment then that assignment will be due on the first day that the class subsequently meets. Assignments turned in late will be recorded, but may not be graded for full credit.

How Each Homework Should Look. Your homework should be neat and legible. You should give the number of each problem attempted and the work for each problem should be indicated clearly. (There should be no arrows running around or between pages!) The reasoning behind each answer should be given. Your answers should be presented in the order that the problems are assigned. If you use more than one sheet of paper, they should be stapled together. The top of the first page should include: your name, our course and section number, my name, and the date the assignment is due.

How Each Homework Will Be Graded. Your score for each homework assignment will be the sum of your scores of the problems (maximum of 3 points each) renormalized so that the maximum possible score on each assignment is 15 points.