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I enjoy photography as a hobby, and, like many geologists, my work has shown me breathtaking vistas, foreign cities, and wild topography. Here are some of my favorite photos from field work, conferences, and travels.


 Prague, Czech Republic, Neutrino Geoscience Conference 2019. Ha'akulamanu sulfur vents, Hawaii.Temperate rainforest outside of Seattle, Washington.Ravens against an Icelandic sky.Glaciers calving, Iceland.Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, seen from a train​.Icelandic horses outside Reykjavic, Iceland.The king's swans, Zurich, Switzerland. Fog rolling in across the San Fransisco Bridge, Marin Headlands, California.Ring Mountain Preserve, California.The Rock, San Francisco, California.  Kayaking on the Anacostia River, Maryland.Blueschist blocks, Point Reyes Station, CA.Point Reyes, California.UMD Geology graduate students and their pups: (left to right) Lori WIllhite, Laura Sammon, Joseph Gallela, and Karla Nunez; and Roxy, Erebos, and Dr. Karisma.    Zurich, Switzerland, 9PM in the summertime. Thin section under cross-polarized microscope light.Local geologist unimpressed by rampant erosion in suburban Maryland.View over Portland, OR.Sandstones at Hruba Skala Castle with the Trosky Ruins in the background, Czech Republic.A snowy morning in Hida, Gifu, Japan.