Laura Sammon

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park, studying crustal composition through groundbreaking (and somewhat unconventional) tools. Geoneutrinos, along with geochemistry, appeals to my undergraduate training, where I studied chemistry (B.A.) as well as geology (B.Sc.) from Rutgers University. For two years after undergraduate I worked in chemical industry, first gaining experience in research and development for agriculture, then switching to making toothpaste, cupcakes, fiber drinks, popsicles, and gummy bears. I decided to pursue a higher degree so that I could become more involved in research, whether it be in an academic or industrial setting.


Since none of the two active, two under-construction, and one proposed geoneutrino detectors reside in the US, my research (and the good graces of my advisor) takes me around the world. When I'm not busy collecting rocks or debugging code, I enjoy photography and taking pictures

 of my travels. All photos on this website were taken by me - or some unfortunate bystander whom I asked to take a picture of me. Most photos are from my graduate and field work travels, but some, such as the one of me riding an Icelandic horse below, are from my personal adventures.


I've had a passion for horses since before I knew what rocks were. I've been horseback riding for twenty years, focusing in dressage. When horses are hard to come by, though, I'll dig out my ice skates (15+ years of ice hockey), kayak, bike, or paintbrush.

Laura Sammon

PhD Student


Office: CHEM 0208


Advisor: Dr. William F. McDonough


University of Maryland • Department of Geology

8000 Regents Drive

College Park, Maryland 20742

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