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LING889A   (1 credit)                
Professional Methods
Fall 2018

Uploading:   [[For safety reasons, only pdfs can be uploaded.]]
  CV Upload 
  Application Letter Upload
  Dean's question answer Upload
  Research Statement Upload
  Abstract Upload
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Uploaded stuffCVs      Web page urls     Application Letters    Dean's question answers     Research statements    Teaching statements    Abstracts

Week by week topics and tasks (Subject to change. Check this site frequently.)
Standardly bring a computer or tablet to class and post any written assignments to this web site, or, if that fails, to the appropriate sub-folder of the 889A folder in the pdf locker, so we can all look at them and help each other.
Aug. 29    Course overview
Sept. 5     CVs  Post a draft of yours. Here are some suggestions  and here is a very useful link.
Sept. 12   More on CVs.
If there's time, we'll start on web sites; info on putting your site on the department server and on creating web pages with the "look-and-feel" of the department website.
If you have never done any web page designing, a fairly intuitive tool is Adobe Dreamweaver, available to students through Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which can be found at
https://terpware.umd.edu/   Take a look at web sites of members of the dept. to get some ideas.
Once you have created a site, or a draft of one, send me the url and I'll post a list of them (password protected, as usual).
Sept. 19   Web sites
Also, look for appropriate job ads and begin working on draft of application letter to upload. Here's a HO of mine on cover letters, here's an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education.  (Unfortunately, the links to sample letters in this pdf don't work, but the advice offered is generally good.) And here's an excerpt on cover letters, including one sample, from U. of Texas Academic Job Search Handbook.
Sept. 26   Finish discussion of web sites. Application cover letters. Upload a draft (and accompanying job ad).
Oct. 3  Finish discussion of application letters. Do first draft of "Dean's question" answer. (You can find samples from 2014 and 2016 in the Uploaded stuff link on this site.)
Oct. 10  Dean's question answers. Upload yours before class. Look at those from previous years for ideas. You will want to convey (or at least hint) what the field and your corner of it is about, why it's intersting and important, and what your particular contribution is (all to someone who most likely never even had Ling 101).
Oct. 17   We will finish discussion of Dean's question answers. Then departmental interview practice. Bring in your questions. All of you will be interviewers, and, in turn, interviewees. Our wiki has some ideas to get you started on interview questions.
Oct. 24    More interviews. Also, start working on your Research Statement. Upload your draft by   Oct. 31. You can see Omer's and students' ones from 2016 in the folder linked above. And here are some general suggestions: Dr. Karen's Rules of the Research Statement  <In our field, 3 pages is a pretty typical length.>
Oct. 31    Research statements
Nov. 7   Mock interview (Associate Dean Daryle Williams will interview Nick H. and then offer suggestions). He will also answer your questions about searches, promotion and tenure procedures, administrative policies, etc.
Nov. 14  Final departmental interviews. Research Statements. Upload your in advance, and look at the others prior tto class.
Nov. 28  More Research Statements. Upload yours by Nov. 21. Read all of them before Nov. 28.

Administrative note: If for some reason you need more than one credit for the course, talk to me.

Meeting time:

W 11:00pm - 12:30pm
Room MMH 1401G

Howard Lasnik, instructor

1106 Marie Mount Hall
<lasnik [AT] UMD [DOT] edu>
(301) 405-4929

Office hours:
Monday afternoons & early evenings
Wednesday all day (until about 5:00)
Other times: If the door's open, drop in

Course description

Topics will include:

-Writing a CV
-Creating/revising your web site; more general web presence considerations
-Writing a job application letter
-Requesting letters of recommendation
-Giving a job talk
   with the search committee
   with the dean  [Associate Dean Daryle Williams will conduct an interview with a volunteer]
-Writing letters of recommendation
And a selection of the following, based on students' interests:
-Non-academic professional possibilities
-Balancing professional and personal life
-Submitting an article to a journal
   Responding to reviewers' comments and criticisms

-Reviewing a journal submission
-Submitting an abstract to a conference
-Preparing a handout for a conference presentation or job talk
-Giving the presentation (and responding to questions)
-Being an impressive audience member at a talk
-Teaching techniques
-Research statements
-Teaching statements

useful links
pdf locker (Look especially in the folder "689A Professional Methods" where there are a bunch of student uploads from 2012.)  (You will find 2014 and 2016 stuff in the present web site.)