Seminar in Syntactic Theory: Conceptions of the Cycle
Spring 2019

Week by week readings
Jan. 30  Origins of the cycle in generative grammar: In syntax, Fillmore 1963 and Chomsky Aspects Ch. 3; earlier in phonology, Chomsky, Halle, Lukoff 1956 and Halle and Chomsky 1960. Freidin 2017 provides a nice historical overview.
Feb. 6  Continue readings from Aspects and from Freidin 2017. Chomsky 1966 Topics in the Theory of Generative Grammar pp. 58-67. Lees 1963 on traffic rules. Chomsky 1973 Conditions on transformation pp.243 ff. on "strict cycle". Here are some notes on what we have seen.
Feb. 13  Special guest lecturer - Bob Freidin. Read his 1978 classic 'Cyclicity and the Theory of Grammar'.
Feb. 27  Finish discussion of strict cyclicity and on to successive cyclicity. Much of Chomsky 1973, which intoduced the concepty, is relevant. Several papers display footprints of successive cyclic WH-movement: McCloskey 1990 and 2001 are 2 classic ones, Barss diss. is also highlly relevant, esp. Ch.2, pp.17-25 and 85-89 on anaphor binding; Quicoli 2008 is a sort of modernization of Barss's treatment. On A-movement, see LGB pp. 43-45. And for an extended argument against successive cyclic A-movement, see Epstein&Seely 2006 Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.
Notes for Feb. 27Notes on successive cyclicity.
March 6  Much more on successive cyclcity. First we'll finish the Feb. 27 stuff. Then on to the following: Torrego 1984; den Dikken; du Plessis; and a nice summary - Merchant HO; and Postal 1972 arguing against successive cyclicity.
March 13 Continue March 6 stuff.  JU handout on successive cyclcicity.
March 27 Continue March 6 and March 13 stuff.
April 3  Towards derivation by phase. Uriagereka Multiple Spell-out. Some cosnequences of single cycle syntax: Lasnik Q-lowering and single cycle syntax; HO summarizing much of the preceding; 2 pieces attempting to deduce successive cyclicity from PF considerations: Hornstein, Lasnik, Uriagereka 2003/2007, Fox&Pesetsky 2003 HO.
April 10.  Continue April 3 stuff. Here's a Handout on Multiple Spell-out.
                Suggested: Donati on Wh-Head Movement.
April 17.  Rodrigo presentation.
April 24.  Aaron presentation. Fox and Pesetsky. HLU. New HO on Spellout Consequences.
May 1.    Sigwan presentation.
                Hisao presentation. .
May 18. Term paper due. (Send pdf to Juan and to Howard).

Meeting time:

Wednesday 2:00-5:00
1108B MMH

Howard Lasnik and Juan Uriagereka, instructors

Course description

Subject matter:
-The principle of the cycle, its history (from phonological work in the 1950s), development and various formulations (strict cyclicity, successive cyclicity, multiple spell-out, phases, etc.)

Course requirements

Term paper (on any topic connected with the cycle in any way)
Class presentation (probably connected with your paper topic)