LING 819   Spring 2013
Seminar in Syntactic Theory: On Raising

-Jan. 23  Overview and survey of the construction and ideas about it. A classic account: Rosenbaum pp. 59-66, 109-114; Postal Ch.1; Davies and Dubinsky "Raising and Control" Sections 1-3
-Jan. 30  Classic mechanisms; questions about them; possible answers to those questions. Rosenbaum pp. 59-66; Kiparasky and Kiparsky Fact sections 4-5; Chomsky LGB pp.97-100, 113-114. Chomsky Knowledge of Language 90-92; Postal&Pullum 1988
-Feb. 6  Questions about subcategorization and semantic selection (central to debate between Chomsky and Postal&Pullum): Pesetsky thesis pp.29-37, 180-205; Grimshaw "Complement Selection and the Lexicon"
-Feb. 13  Continue Feb. 6 stuff; Grimshaw (1981), which addresses the problematic generalization Grimshaw (1981) pointed out; then back to Postal&Pullum
-Feb. 20  Finish Feb. 6 stuff. Start Postal 1974. Chapters 1-3 will be pretty familiar material, but at least take a look. Chapter 4 will be new.
-Feb. 27  Class cancelled
.-March 6 Class cancelled (phony blizzard alert)
-March 13   Continue Feb. 20 stuff. Take a look at Lightfoot's review of Postal (1974). Kayne on 'make-out' construction and adverbs with ECM [Here's another review of Postal by Bach.] [Kuno on Subject raising in Japanese.]
Start looking for an article or chapter for your review paper.
-March 27  Finish the previously assigned Postal 1974 readings; Postal Ch. 6 pp. 206-225
-March 27  Let me know in writing (or e-mail) what your review paper will be on.
-April 3 Finish March 27 readings; Postal Ch. 4 pp. 176-187 (on W-verbs); Ch. 5 pp. 188-192 (Postal reply to one of Chomsky's 1973 arguments against raising)
-April 10 Finish April 3 readings
-April 17  Review paper due
-April 17 Bresnan 1972 thesis Ch. 3.; Bresnan's reply to Postal; Postal's counter-reply; Lasnik and Saito "On the Subject of Infinitives"; Lasnik "Subjects, Objects and the EPP" (Here's a HO summarizing the paper.) [Supplemental reading: Abels on the 'How likely' paradigm; Pesetsky on infinitives]
-April 24 Finish April 17 stuff
-April 24  Paper proposal due
-May 1 Student presentations (30 minutes each + up to 15 for discussion):
          Julie, Yuki, Mike
-May 8 Student presentations (30 minutes each + up to 15 for discussion):
          Dongwoo, Carolina, (Darryl)
-May 14 Paper due (by e-mail)