LING 611   Spring 2014
Issues in Syntax


Basic ideas of Minimalism and some of their antecedents
-Readings for 1/28: Lasnik TiCS "The Minimalist Program in Syntax"; MA 1.1; UM 1, 2.1, 2.2; L&U 1; Hornstein The Minimalist Project Ch. 1; Chomsky "Three Factors in Language Design" pp.1-11; handout on history of some minimalist concepts.
Towards a Minimalist account of (English) verbal morphology
-Readings for 2/4: Chomsky 1995, Ch. 1 (Suggested, for an overview of GB in its final stages); Chomsky 1995, Ch. 2; Chomsky 1995 Ch. 3, pp. 195-199; Lasnik 1995 "Verbal Morphology: Syntactic Structures Meets the Minimalist Program" (or the excepts in B&L pp. 263-277); L&U pp. 61-79. Here's a handout summarizing much of the material.
Basic architectural issues, especially as concern levels of representation
-Readings for 2/11: Chomsky 1995, Ch. 3; UM Ch. 2; HO on Condition A 'reconstruction'; HO on Condition C 'reconstruction'.
HW 1 Due Tuesday 2/25
-Readings for 2/18: Continue 2/11 readings.
-Readings for 2/25: Finish 2/11 readings; Lasnik and Saito "On the Subject of Infinitives"; Lasnik "Lectures on Minimalist Syntax" pp. 26-41.
HW 2 Due Tuesday 3/4
-Readings for 3/4-11: Finish 2/25 readings
→ Revision of HW 1 Due 3/11 [if you elect to re-do]
-3/25: More discussion of Case; "Raising to object", Raising of objects, and the question of whether this is overt or covert; Government? [The readings for these are the previous weeks' readings.]
       The Relativized Minimality problem of subject raising and object shift and Chomsky's equidistance solution. HO on 'Shortest Move and Equidistance'. [For this last, a refresher on some basic elements of set theory, especially properties of relations in a set, might be helpful. Here's a link to a nice UMass HO on 'Properties of Relations'.]
Review paper assignment  Due April 16
Strong features, Move and/or Attract, Minimality, Locality
-Readings for 4/1-8: Take another look at Chomsky Ch. 3 pp.167-186; 195-199; Lasnik 1999 "On Feature Strength"; Chomsky Ch. 4 pp. 232-235; 261-267; 297-303; Chomsky "Minimalist Inquiries" pp. 117-126. 106-112.
HW 3 Due Tuesday 4/8
Phrase structure under Minimalist assumptions; Phases
-Readings for 4/8: Chomsky Ch. 4 pp. 241-271; Chomsky "Minimalist Inquiries" pp. 106-112, 117-126, 131-139.
Squib+ assignment  Proposal due April 28; paper due May 13
Minimalism and Control
Readings for 5/6: Hornstein and Nunes 2012
PF interface concerns
Readings for 5/6:
     Linearization, LCA. etc. Kayne 1994 Ch. 1 ; HO on an LCA revision
     PF level or Multiple Spell-Out? Freidin and Lasnik 2011 "Some Roots of Minimalism" pp. 10-17
     Ellispsis and island repair  Lasnik, H. 2009. Island repair, non-repair and the organization of the grammar; Lasnik 2007 On Ellipsis: The PF Approach to Missing Constituents
      Handout on island violation repair.