Previous weeks

-Readings for Aug. 31:
Syntactic Structures Revisited  to page 35; Syntactic Structures  to page 33  [Please bring these 2 books to class]
Here's the Lasnik-Kupin article, which, among other things, introduces Reduced Phrase Markers. [Not required reading, just in case you're interested.]
-Readings for Sept. 7
Syntactic Structures Revisited  to page 49 
Syntactic Structures  to page 48
Handout on Equivalent Sigma, F derivations, Phrase Markers, and Reduced Phrase Markers
[Suggested readings: Syntactic Structures Ch. 6; Aspects of the Theory of Syntax, Ch. 1]
-> HW 1, due Tuesday Sept. 14. [Homework revision policy.]
-Readings for Sept. 14-21
Syntactic Structures Revisited  to page 105
Syntactic Structures  Chapter 7
(-> HW1 revision due Sept. 21, if you elect the option to re-do. See HW revision policy above.)
-Readings for Sept. 21
Continue Sept. 14-21 readings and start the following:
Syntactic Structures Revisited  to page 165
A Course in GB Syntax  pp.1-5
-> HW 2 , due Tuesday Sept. 28
-Readings for Sept. 28
Finish the Sept. 21 readings.
-Readings for Oct. 5
Start "Case and Passives" Handout
-Readings for Oct. 12
Finish "Case and Passives" Handout
A Course in GB Syntax pp.1-20
[Here's the Vergnaud letter inventing Case theory, as recently published in Freidin and Lasnik, Syntax: Critical Concepts.]
[Optional reading: The paper by McCawley, "Concering the Base Component of a Transformational Grammar" (especially section IV), discussing the nature of selectional restrictions and many other things we have been looking at.]
[Optional reading: Grimshaw "Complement Selection and the Lexicon", which argues that we need both semantic selection and (syntactic) subcategorization.]