Current Teaching (2013-2014) 

(Fall 2013, Spring 2014)

Seminar in American Studies

This course provides an integrative experience within the major that calls on students to demonstrate their understanding of the various aspects of the discipline and of how they work together by completing individual projects involving original research using primary sources or field work. Written reports have ranged from 20  to 25 pages, exclusive of bibliography and appendices. Students are also required to review and critique their classmate’s work.

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(Fall 2013, Spring 2014)

Fashion and Consumer Culture in the United States

This seminar will introduce major theoretical works in the study of consumer behavior, from Veblen’s “Theory of the Leisure Class” to emerging fashion theory. Along the way, we will examine a variety of phenomena through these theoretical lenses. Possible topics include religion and consumption, children as consumers, media representations of the fashion industry, consumer activism, dress codes, class and consumption and  how individuals use clothing to express identities and group membership. Resources will include artifacts from the University of Maryland Historic Costume and Textile Collection. All students will develop a research project resulting in a final paper; graduate students will also lead one class session on a topic of their choice.

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Courses Taught


Introduction to American Studies              
American Cyberculture
Design, Craft and Production
Diversity in American Culture    
Electronic Exhibits and Publication in American Studies       
Fashion and Consumer Culture                   
Growing Up American  
History, Theory and Methods in American Studies
Material Aspects of American Life
Orientation to American Studies
Popular Culture, Youth and Literacy  
Simplicity and Anti-consumption in America
Writing the Seventies
Seventeen Ways to Read a Shirt
Technology and the Modernization of the American Home
Seminar in American Studies (research capstone)


Childhood in American Culture     
Fashion and Consumer Culture     
Material Culture Theory 
Historiography of Costume and Textiles     
Masculinity in American Culture
Research Seminar in Costume and Textiles
Interdisciplinary Pedagogies