Arguing a Research Claim

Locate a journal article with which you would take issue. Your argument need not be with the entire article; you may find some point within the article with which you disagree. But make certain that the point you respond to is significant for the area of research. Then, formulate an argument of your own responding to the issue that you have identified. Support your argument. Your objection may be to theoretical claims or to empirical claims. The assignment does not preclude responses that reinforce the claims at issue, but make certain that your further support is a significant contribution.

A well formulated argument: (1) identifies the claim to which you take issue and presents a well-grounded and fair characterization of the claim, (2) states your counter-claim (or supporting claim) leaving an easy understanding of the clash defined by your position, (3) fully explains the significance of the issue, (4) supports your substantive and significance arguments appropriately, and (5) summarizes the state of the argument on the issue pursuant to your position. Select an argument to which you can respond in 500-1500 words.

This assignment will handed in in two parts. The first is an outline of the argument you will present. The second will be a full-blown prose version of the argument.

Grading on Outline: S/R

Grading on Argument: 20 percent of semester grade

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