Curriculum Vita

In academic work the Curriculum Vita or CV is the record of your activity. You will keep it handy and revise it as time passes. I recommend doing this assignment in the following manner.

1. Examine some CVs

Faculty and graduate students in the department have placed their CVs on the department website. Examine some of these looking for characteristics you like and dislike in the CVs. Come prepared to discuss or ask questions about these on the day you do your draft.

2. Prepare your own CV

Your CV will reflect your activity to this point. It will be shorter than mine. In fact, perhaps shorter than most you see as models. But you will need to think through what categories will best reflect this stage in your career. Generally, academic CVs divide into four general categories: personal and contact information, teaching, scholarship, and service. How should you order these to best present yourself?

There is no specified format for CVs. Some institutions, Maryland among them, do specify a format for certain procedures such as tenure and promotion. You are best keeping a CV that maximizes how it presents you and do the drudgery of modifying it to fit artificial requirements as needed.

Grading: S/R

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