Readings for English 385, Spring 2009
on, in and about English Semantics

Clicking the links below will download the named documents

Clausner & Croft "Domains and Image Schemas"pdf

Clark "Dogmas of Understanding" pdf

Croft & Cruse "Frames, domains, spaces"pdf

Croft & Cruse "Categories, Concepts and Meanings"pdf

Fauconnier "Mental Spaces" pdf

Fillmore "Frames and the Semantics of Understanding" pdf

Grady "The Conduit Metaphor Revisited" pdf

Grady & Johnson "Converging Evidence for the Notions of Subscene and Primary Scene" pdf

Grady, Coulson & Oakley "Blending and Metaphor" pdf

Haiman "Sarcasm and the Postmodern" pdf

Haiman "The Thing Itself" pdf

Kay "Three Properties of the Ideal Reader" pdf

Lakoff 1992 "Contemporary Theory of Metaphor" pdf

Neisser "The Development of Consciousnesss and the Acquisition of Skill"pdf

Yaguello, "What Language is For" pdf