"Attitude, Belief and Experience Survey"

INSTRUCTIONS: Read each of the following statements and decide how much you agree with each according to your beliefs and experiences. Please respond according to the following scale.

1.........strongly disagree

2....moderately disagree

3...........slightly disagree

4................slightly agree

5.........moderately agree

6..............strongly agree

  1. 1.I never evaluate my social interactions with others after they occur. (reverse-scored)

  2. 2.I spend a great deal of time taking inventory of my positive and negative negative characteristics.

  3. 3.I like evaluating other people's plans.

  4. 4.I often compare myself with other people.

  5. 5.I don't spend much time thinking about ways others could improve themselves. (reverse-scored)

  6. 6.I often critique work done by myself or others.

  7. 7.I often feel that I am being evaluated by others.

  8. 8.I am a critical person.

  9. 9.I am very self-critical and self-conscious about what I am saying.

  10. 10. I often think that other people's choices and decisions are wrong.

  11. 11.I rarely analyze the conversations I have had with others after they occur. (reverse-scored)

  12. 12.When I meet a new person I usually evaluate how well he or she is doing on various dimensions (e.g., looks, achievements, social status, clothes).