Biochemistry: BCHM 461

Fall 2021

Course meets in Chem 1402, TuTh 12:30-1:45 pm
Professor: David Fushman
Office Hours: Thursday 5:00 - 6:30 pm



Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 7th edition by Nelson and Cox
The Absolute, Ultimate Guide to Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 7th edition by Osgood and Ocorr
Biochemistry by Voet and Voet
Reading and problem assignments are from Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry
Date Reading Problems Q&A
12/20 FINAL EXAM: 1:30-3:30pm; Rm 1402 Bring your calculator.    
12/09 Ch.6.5: 225-232. Study for the final exam Topics that were covered in the course and could be on the final exam are listed here.  
12/07 Ch.6.3: pp. 207-213; 6.4: pp. 213-218 Solutions to Q#5 problems are in today's lecture slides. Solutions to midterm exam #2 problems and score statistics are posted below.    
12/02 Ch.6.3, pp. 206-210 Ch.6, Problems 16,17,20-22. Your Quiz #5 is here. It's due on Monday Dec.6th by 11:59pm.  
11/30 Midterm Exam #2    
11/23 Ch.6.3: pp 198-206 Ch.6: Problems 8-13, 15. Worked examples 6-1, 6-2 in Ch. 6.3. Prepare for the midterm exam. Solutions to practice problems from a previous midterm exam #2 are here. I strongly suggest that you look at these solutions only after you attempted to solve the problems yourself. Review session: Monday Nov 29 at 6pm via zoom. Bring your questions. 
11/18 Ch.6.2: pp 192-201 Follow the derivation of the Michaelis-Menten equation in the textbook (pp. 200-201) and on the lecture slides. Problems from a previous midterm exam #2 are here..  
11/16 Ch.6.1-6.2: pp 187-192 Ch.6: Problems 1-4,7.   Solutions to graded Quiz #4 problems are included in Lecture #22 slides.  
11/11 Ch.5.1: pp 163-174 Ch.5: Problems 2,3,7,9. Your Graded Quiz #4 is here. It's due on Monday Nov. 15 by 11:59pm Answers to graded Quiz #3 problems are here. 
11/09 Ch.5.1: pp 157-162. Ch.5: Problems 1,4,5. Also answer questions and do PyMOL exercises highlighted yellow on the lecture slides.  
11/04 Lecture slides on NMR. Watch youtube videos listed on slide #4. Answer a biochemistry question on the last slide.  Answers to Exam #1 problems and scores statistics are posted below.
11/02 Ch.4, Box 4-5 + lecture notes on X-ray crystallography, small-angle scattering, and cryo-EM Solutions to Exam 1 problems are posted in the Table below together with the statistics of the exam and current scores   
10/28 Ch.4: pp 125, Box 4-5 + lecture slides Refresh your knowledge of basic trigonometric functions: sine and cosine. Here is your graded Quiz #3. It is due by 11:59 pm on Monday Nov 1.    
10/26 Ch.4.4: pp 142-151 + lecture slides Ch.4: Problem 14.    
10/21 Ch.4.3: pp 138-142 (skip box 4-5 for now); Ch.4.4: pp. 142-144 PyMOL-related homework questions from the previous lecture (also included on slide 2 of this lecture)  
10/19 Ch.4.3, pp. 125-138 (skip box 4-5 for now). A video recording with a brief intro to PyMOL is available on ELMS Homework assignments related to PyMOL use are on the lecture slides.    
10/14 Midterm Exam #1 After the exam: download and install PyMOL. Brief step-by-step instructions on how to install the educational version of the program have been emailed to you, and also posted on ELMS. Bring your laptops to the class on Tuesday.    
10/12 Ch.4.2 & Lecture slides Prepare for the midterm exam  Video recording of the review session is on ELMS, under Files. 
10/07 Ch.4.1-4.2, pp. 115-125. Ch.4: Problems 1-4,10,13. Solutions to Practice problems from a previous midterm exam #1 are here.  Review session for the upcoming exam will take placeat 6pm on Tuesday via zoom. Bring your questions.
10/05 Ch.3.4, pp. 96-to the end. Ch.3: Problems 18-20,23. + Homework problems from the lecture slides.  Practice problems from a previous midterm exam #1 are here.. Detailed answers/sulutions to graded quiz #2 questions are here.
09/R3025 Ch.3.3 pp 93-96; Ch 3.4 pp. 100-102; Ch 3.1 Box 3-1 Homework questions/problems in the lecture slides. A video recording on MS data analysis is on ELMS under Files.  
09/28 Ch.3.3, pp. 89-96 Ch.3, Problems 16,17,22  
09/23 Ch. 3.2: pp.85-89 Ch.3, Problems: 11-14. Here is your graded Quiz #2. It is due by 11:59 pm on Monday Sept 27.  
09/21 Ch.3.1, pp.81-85 Ch.3, Problems: 2-4, 7. + answer questions in yellow boxes on the lecture slides.  
09/16 Ch.3.1, pp. 75-81 (till uncommon amino acids) Ch.3, Problems 1,6  
09/14 Ch.2: read to the end Ch.2, Problems: 11-14,16,18-22,24-30; answer questions on lecture slides 7, 9, and 21.  
09/09 Ch.2.1, 2.2 pp. 58-61 Ch.2, Problems: 2,3,5-8. Your first graded Quiz (due on Sept 13, 2021 by 11:59pm) is here.  
09/07 Ch. 2.1, pp: 45-58; Finish Bioenergetics: Ch. 1.3. Ch.2, p.71, Pr. 1. If you haven't done them yet, do the homework problems from the previious lecture.  
09/02 Ch.1.3 (pp.20-27); Ch.13.3 (pp.507-513) Ch.13: pp.527, Problems #2-5. Also Homework Problems I-III and Questions in Lecture_2 slides (ELMS) -- these problems can also be found here.  
08/31 Ch.1, pp. 1-20 Ch.1: Problems: 3,7,9; Figure 1-17: refresh your memory of the chemical properties of the functional groups shown in that figure. Please answer the Semester-start assessment quiz posted on ELMS (due Sept 2).  
08/31 Welcome to Fall 2021 BCHM461 course!    
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