Un latin lover en Acapulco*

(A Latin Lover in Acapulco)

(Cor-Cord/Columbia Pictures, 1967)

[*this film is also known as Una puertorriqueña en Acapulco]

Producer: Paquito Cordero and Fernando Cortés; Director: Fernando Cortés; Screenplay: Fernando Cortés and Alfredo Varela Jr.; Photography: Fernando Alvarez Garcés Colín; Music: Sergio Guerrero; Union: STIC

CAST: Kitty de Hoyos (Marisela), Manuel López Ochoa (Roberto), Fernando Luján (Alfredo), Marta Romero, Maura Monti, Amedee Chabot, Malú Reyes, Lucho Gatica, Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo, Alfredo Varela Jr., Julien de Meriche

NOTES: although this was a Mexican-Puerto Rican co-production (Fernando Cortés was the husband of Mapy Cortés and Paquito Cordero was her brother; Lucho Gatica was married to Mapita Cortés, Fernando and Mapy's niece), it was primarily shot in the América studios in Mexico City and in Acapulco, in February-March 1967.

I have not been able to see this film, so the following synopsis is based on the one in Emilio García Riera's Historia documental del cine mexicano (which in turn comes from another source).

Roberto is tired of his life as an office worker in Mexico City, so he moves to Acapulco to try his luck as a "Latin lover." He courts various women (including a Puerto Rican, Italian, and--presumably--a gringa played by Amedee Chabot), thinking they are rich. It turns out they think he's rich. He finally marries Marisela, who is as poor as he is. At the end, he's back in his boring office job.

I'm not sure why this film had two titles. The first is more logical, the alternate title seems to refer specifically to Marta Romero (who was a featured player but certainly not the star or even the female lead) and may have been used for the Puerto Rican release or perhaps in cases where the English phrase "Latin Lover" was not appreciated (I have lobby cards under both titles--they are virtually identical, both printed in Mexico), but this is only speculation on my part.

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Posted 16 April 2000 by David Wilt (dwilt@umd.edu).