Amedee Chabot Photos

  1. Amedee (3rd from left) in Korea with Bob Hope and his show, 1962
  2. Amedee shovels snow
  3. Amedee boards an Al Italia flight.
  4. Amedee on a plane.
  5. Amedee: bikini cheesecake shot.
  6. Amedee in an Uncle Sam hat.
  7. still from "Muscle Beach Party"
  8. Poster from "Muscle Beach Party."
  9. Lobby card from "El tesoro de Moctezuma."

[PHOTOS 2-6 are courtesy Delmo Walters Jr.]

Elizabeth Campbell Gallery

  1. Jorge Rivero and Elizabeth Campbell from "Operación 67".
  2. vidcap from "Guadalajara en verano."
  3. vidcap from "Guadalajara en verano."
  4. vidcap from "Guadalajara en verano."
  5. vidcap from "Guadalajara en verano."

Photos 2-5 are courtesy of the Wom!Wam! page.

Christa Linder Photos

  1. Christa Linder from "Playboy" magazine.
  2. Christa Linder as Miss Austria, Miss Universe 1962.
  3. another shot of Christa Linder in the Miss Universe pageant as Miss Austria.

More photos coming!

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