El alimento del miedo (The Food of Fear)


Director/Screenplay: Juan López Moctezuma; Story: Jorge Victoria; Photography: Agustín Garnica; Art Direction: Gilberto Aceves Navarro; Film Editor: Max Sánchez; shot at the Estudios América in February-March 1993

CAST: Isaura Espinosa, Salvador Sánchez, Juan López Moctezuma, Jorge Victoria, Andaluz Russell, "Alex"

This film, which apparently has never been released, is based on an actual case which resembles the "Sweeney Todd" legend: a woman killed children and used their flesh as filling for tacos she subsequently sold!

Along with El alimento del miedo, López Moctezuma also shot a three-part TV pilot entitled Yo el vampiro (I the Vampire); these were the last productions made at the América studios before they shut down. Information about these projects came from a 1993 newspaper article: while El alimento del miedo appears in the Filmoteca's database (with no release date), Yo, el vampiro does not seem to be cited anywhere and may not have been completed.

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