Who was Glauco del Mar? 

Good question!  Glauco del Mar directed at least five "Nuyorican" feature films between 1967 and 1975 (it's possible he directed many more, since standard reference works have little information on these movies).   Details of his life and career have been very difficult to uncover. Joaquín "Kino" García indicates del Mar was born in the Dominican Republic, but provides no more information.


Glauco del Mar, known as "El ángel de la poesía" [The Angel of Poetry], made a number of spoken-word recordings in the 1950s and 1960s, several of which were released on Ansonia Records (and at least one was re-issued in 2006 on CD).  Is this the same person?  One would think so, given the relative uniqueness of his name, and various hints in his movies (particularly Toño Bicicleta, which contains numerous sequences in which an off-screen narrator reads poetic language to accompanying music and visuals). 


But I'm really relying on those who might read this to provide any additional biographical information on Glauco del Mar, and I'll update this site as I learn more.


So why "The Films of Glauco del Mar" page?


The five known films del Mar directed (he also wrote the screenplay for a sixth, Correa Cotto: Así me llaman, 1968) are a mixed lot, but they display some surprisingly consistent stylistic and thematic threads, particularly Love After Death, El Callao, and Tigresa, which also share numerous cast members.  Soñar no cuesta nada, "joven" and Toño Bicicleta are different, the first because it's a comedy and the latter because it was mostly shot in Puerto Rico rather than New York.

For a brief analysis of Glauco del Mar's directorial style, click here.

These films, although they are all interesting and (mostly) entertaining, are generally unknown to English-speaking audiences.  Even sites dealing with Puerto Rican and/or Nuyorican cinema have little or no information on these movies.  Sadly, none of del Mar's movies is currently available in optimal form: Love After Death is dubbed into English (poorly), and the other four Spanish-language titles were released a few years ago on "budget" DVDs which--combining poor source materials and various DVD-authoring problems--range from barely-watchable to insanely unwatchable. However, it would be a shame if Glauco del Mar--and his contemporaries making Nuyorican (and Puerto Rican) cinema--were not given some recognition for their work.


The Films of Glauco del Mar


1967?:       Soñar no cuesta nada, "joven" [It Costs Nothing to Dream, Young man] (director)


©1968:      Love After Death (director)


                   Correa Cotto: Así me llaman [They Call Me Correa Cotto] (screenplay)


1969?:       El Callao [The Silent One] (director)


1970?:       Tigresa [Tigress] (director)


©1975:      Toño Bicicleta [Bicycle Tony] (director)

One "mystery" title has also turned up. Tecato was apparently shot in the 1970s, produced (and directed?) by Glauco del Mar and photographed and edited by Peter Palian, with Johnny H in the cast. According to Johnny H's MySpace page, the film was never released because Palian "stole" the film from Haverland Film Studios, "angered because he was not paid."

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