My research bridges the fields of classroom discourse, second language teacher education (SLTE) and cognition, and second language acquisition (SLA). Through the use of conversation analysis (CA) and ethnography, I examine factors influencing the development of language teacher talk throughout one's career and its effects on promoting language learning opportunitites in naturally-occuring classroom interaction. For more about my research, visit me on ResearchGate or Google Scholar.

Selected Recent Publications

Fagan, D.S., & Pentón Herrera, L. J. (accepted- forthcoming). Supporting English learners with disabilities: Overcoming challenges in identification, staff training, and funding. The State Education Standard.    

Pentón Herrera, L. J., Fagan, D. S., & Lyons, S. (2021). Maryland TESOL handbook for educators of English learners. Maryland TESOL.

Maryland State Advisory Council for English Learners*. (2020). A guide to school for families of English learners. Baltimore: Maryland State Department of Education.
*C. Copland, A. Ensor, D.S. Fagan, Y. Han, C. Harkowa, J. Love, L. Medina, L. Muller, M. Nitsch, A. Stokes, P. Tucker, I. Yoon.

Fagan, D.S., & Jones, L. (2020, Spring/Summer). The Danielson Framework: Considerations. MDTESOL Newsletter.

Fagan, D.S. (2019, Fall). Educating ALL teachers working with English learners: Consideations from a school district-university partnership. MDTESOL Newslestter.

Fagan, D.S. (2019). Teacher embodied responsiveness to student displays of trouble within small-group activities. In J.K. Hall & S. Looney (Eds.), The embodied work of teaching (pp. 100-121). Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.

Fagan, D.S. (2019, September). Interweaving teaching and student-centeredness within small-group activities. AL Forum: The Newsletter for the TESOL Association's Applied Linguistics Interest Section. Retrieved from

Fagan, D.S. (2018). Addressing learner hesitancy-to-respond within initiation-response-feedback sequences. TESOL Quarterly, 52, 425-435. doi: 10.1002/tesq.421.

Recent Research Presentations

Fagan, D.S. (Chair), Spinnato, S., Beattie, E., & Terrell Shockley, E. (2021, November). "State of the State": Meeting Maryland's English learners' needs in 2021. Panel presented at the annual conference for the Maryland TESOL Association.   

Terrell Shockley, E., Jones, L, & Fagan, D.S. (2021, May). Innovations in connecting, leading, and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Paper presented at the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference, College Park, MD.

Fagan, D.S. (2020, Fall). ESOL Student Interjections as Opportunities for Moving the Lesson Forward. Paper accepted for the OSSE Multilingual Learner Conference: "Strengthening Teaching Practices for Multilingual Learners Together". Washington, DC.

Fagan, D.S. (Invited Speaker). (2020, April). Doing Conversation Analysis: An Exemplar. Presented at the University of Maryland Undergraduate PULSAR Program, College Park, MD.

Fagan, D.S. (2020, April). Utilizing learner volunteered comments in whole-class intereactions as a tool for activity progression. Paper accepted for the American Educational Research Association's annual conference, San Francisco, CA (Conference cancelled).

Fagan, D.S. (Chair). (2020, April). Teacher and learner beliefs: Perspectives from World Languages classrooms. Panel accepted for the American Educational Research Association's annual conference. San Francisco, CA (Conference cancelled).