Presenting Our Trip on the

I Want YOU. To read about GOBA
This is the story of GOBA. Our six day biking adventure in Ohio. Look HERE for info on the ride itself. I kept a sort of journal during the ride using
a Sharp Electronic organizer with one of those teeny tiny little keyboards so some things are abbreviated and/or not capitalized. Anything in this type of font was typed in during the trip. Everything else was added later. The date is in YEAR MONTH DAY format. Everything was typed in right off the top of my head, so don't take any of it to seriously. .
Here is the milage from each day.
Day Miles Avg  Time Day Miles Avg Time
Sunday, June 15 1997 53.3 13.1 4:11 Monday, June 16 1997 50.8 13.0 3:54
Tuesday, June 17 1997 57.3 13.1 4:17 Wednesday, June 18 1997 100.7 13.0 7:48
Thursday, June 19 1997 52.4 10.9 4:48 Friday, June 20 1997 44.6 13.6 3:17
Saturday, June 21 1997 52.0 13.3 3:54 Total 411.1 12.8 32:09
Here is the milage from each day. 
Michelle And Kathy. They are all smiles now because we haven't biked anywhere yet.
The Gang: Sandy Hider, Steve Brague, Michelle Humanick, Clay Gump, Kathy Capron, Mike Capron
19970612,"23:15""23:15","michelle and i a trying to get ready for goba. Lots of clothes to wash and stuff to pack."
Steve sucks on some "Lemony Goodness"
19970614 9:07 we are off! On the highway 11:31 mike wins the first chess match of the weekend. I chased him around the board the whole game until he caught me with a queen biship check mate. That bastard!! 9:21 campground all set up. Just had a good lasagna dinner. 10:03 talked to mom. All is well on her end. Michelle is pretty tired. We have all had a very busy week. "
19970615,"10:05","10:05","1st rest stop. Awesome weather. Temps in the low 70s no humidity. Sunny. The riding has been great. Not very hilly. Lots of questions about the bike. Michelle is feeling better. We are at some state run farm. No electric or machinary. I will check it out."
Michelle is making friends with a calf. (Hmmmm Veal.)
19970615,"13:22","13:22","ashville rest stop. We only have about 10 miles left. I just had a flat tire 3 miles back. Even the mr tuffy's couldnt stop the staple i ran over from punturing my back tire. We are meeting a ton of really nice people. Met a guy who biked across the bay bridge on cam. He is just as sick of cam as the rest of us. The weather is just so completely awesome i almost hate for the riding for the day to end."
It's the COOOOAAAALLLL Train. 
19970615,"13:40","13:40","clay and i are enjoying the warm day for lunch. Met lauren from cleveland and her friends, seems nice. Lunch stop ran out of food. (Michelle)" 

19970615,"22:24","22:24","goba day 1 53.3 miles 4:11 avg speed of 13.1 i think. Everything was just awesome today unill we went for dinner. It took 3.5 hours by the time it was said and done. It sucked. We wait an hour for the shuttle to get to bob friggin evans for this stupid all you can eat spagetti dinner. We finalle get there to find out they have run out of sauce. So we head to the golden corral for the buffet. There was a line out the door and the cash register is busted, so it takes another hour to finally eat. Then we had to wait on another shuttle which took another 45min. Very bummed out. I wanted to go downtown and check out the band. From now on i bike everywhere, or eat right at the school. It was still a great day of biking though. The weather was unbeatable."
(The shuttles on this trip really were the pits. Most of the time they only had three busses doing a loop. THREE busses for 3,400 people. You do the math. )

19970616,"16:53","16:53","day 2. 50.8 miles avg 13. Time 3:54. Pretty good day. Steady winds all day. We are staying in logen tonight. It looks like there are a ton of things to do downtown. Even better is this place has a dq. I will not be denied my blizzard one day longer! We are getting a steady drizzle now. I think its just going to keep raining most of the night now. We still need to go get dinner."

The REAL Reason to Bike all those miles. 
Kathy, Mike, Sandy, Steve. Oh Yeah, and me eating cake. 
19970616,"17:40","17:40","i guess we didnt learn a thing from last night. We are now standing waiting on the shuttle to take us to the turkey dinner and afterwards we are at dq!"

19970616,"22:11","22:11","who turned on the water works? Man did the heavens open up. We ended up at bob evans for dinner. It was great. Really fast service. The shuttles still sucked though. Then we walked to the grocery store in the rain for some bagels and stuff for breakfast. Then we met the caprons and sandy at the dq. Large blizzard pleasse. It really opened up then. The rain just kept on coming. We finaly decided to stop avoiding the inevitable and headed back to camp..."
Clay and Michelle Enjoying a Beverage. Ahhhh
Mike puts the stranglehold on Kathy. 
19970616,"22:18","22:18","... First we checked out the video taped from previous gobas. I think goba stands for Giant Overweight Big Asses. The people who do this ride are definatly not cyclings elite.(OK, You may think I'm being harsh. But Take a look at what was served at one of the rest stops. And this was NORMAL!) We are now in the tent. Im hoping the worst is over. This tent seems to take the rain pretty well. Sandy and steve did not make out so well. Too bad. Our tent would be pretty stuffy were it not for the incredible fan lite! Its unbeleivable man!!"
(Ok, some background... We make it back to the tent just in time for a horrendous downpour. Everyone is huddled in thier respective tents trying to stay dry. Sandy's in his tent yelling at the top of his lungs, "GOBA BABY!!" Steve tells everyone he didn't realize how good a newpaper USA Today was. "Why" we ask "Nice to have something to read?" Steve replies, "No, its really absorbant!" Poor steve was getting so soaked he just packed up his sleeping bag and crashed in his cycling clothes.
The incredible Fan Lite is this jammin little camping fan I bought. I was in geek heaven. It's heavy as hell but who cares, it kept the air flowing around the tent.)

19970617,"11:04","11:04","25 miles into the ride. Taking a break at new hope lake. One hell of a hard climb with a nice long downhill to get to this lake. There was this puppy who was chasing bikes for about 10 miles. Mike is about to take the nestea plunge. He did it. Yes! Then sandy rose to the challenge and did a backlflip. We are not worthy. Another note, mike put some people in the lake for the first time this week."
Mike Taking the Plunge! And Sandy doing a Backflip! Kathy and Clay are the only ones to stay dry. 
19970617,"17:56","17:56","57.3 miles 13.1 avg. 4:17"

19970617,"21:56","21:56","pretty good ride. I felt really whiped this afternoon. Sandy busted his chain, twice. Athens is pretty cool so far. We are just hanging out. Getting ready for the big century tomoroww by having a couple red dogs. Cheap beer in ohio. I have made the ultimate recumbent purchase. I bought aair horn. Nasty little device. Really loud and annoying. I also got a bell to give people fair warning, if the dont move over, they get the cone of pain!!"

19970618,"06:10","06:10","getting rread to leave on century day. Are we nuts or what? 11:54 halfway. So far so good. Mike and sandy have napped. My advil is starting to kick in. It looks like its getting ready to rain. Saw a cool t-shirt it said ""pain is temporary, pride is forever"" i got behind a tandam while climbing a hill and drafted off them 12 miles to lunch. Really nice people. They have biked across country together."
Sign greeting us in Athens.
Ohio beat up on Maryland. Lucky PUNKS!
19970618,"22:46","22:46","what a tough last 50 miles. Mike was the ultimate weather man and kept us from getting drenched. After lunch we biked away just in time to avoid a storm. Then about 10 miles later we see really nasty black clouds coming in fast. So after a few minutes mike says we should start looking for some shelter. We duck into the next farm house and begin to wait. Sandy and kathy are eager to keep moving but mike and i convince them to give it another few minutes. Then is starts to rain. Fairly lightly. A few bikers go by. 10 seconds later the heavons open up. My god it was coming down in buckets. We are feeling so lucky. In about 10 minutes it quits and out pops the sun. Too cool. The final 20 miles
This is the storm we dodged.
were very brutal. We were are getting very tired and the hills were getting to us. When we finally make it in, michelle has drinks and food for us. Shes the best! Dinner was a blast with mike,s friends the shriners. We all got burgers beers and wings to sulute the day. Afterwards we went for a little foosball action where the ohio boys (jay and mike) beat up on team maryland (clay and sandy). A few more beers and we call it a day."

19970618,"19:00","19:00","century day. 100.7 miles 13.0 avg 7:48"
Even the roadkill must protect themselves from dehydration. 
19970619,"23:02","23:02","52.4 mi 10.9 avg 4:48 time very slow ride today for everyone but mike. He talked the trek guys into loaning him a carbon fiber speed machine. No catching him today. Michelle and i rode together about all day. And when i did pull away before lunch, she had a run in with a cars horn and put herself into a ditch. No real harm done. She was fine the rest of the day. Heat was the big problem today. Pretty hot out. We took our sweet time today. Stopped at every rest stop and even made our own."
Gimme some Gatorade in the Shade
19970619,"23:09","23:09","lunch seemed to perk us up a little and when we got to a rest stop miles from the end with a swimming hole i plunged in to cool off. We rode for a little while with this guy with 70 lbs of music gear on his bike. Jamming tunes.(This guys bike was incredible. He had rigged up a motorcycle battery, an amp, and four speakers hooked to a CD player. He only rode on days that it wouldn't rain. Then, to top it off sometimes he would strap a keyboard to the handlebars and play for us while he was riding. What a trip) Then camped at bob evans. Down on the farm.we took a awesome dip in the local swimming pool. Very refreshing. Dinner was a sucky sausage burger with bean soup. The hot fudge sunday later made up for it." (We go to this supposedly great Bob Evans cook out for dinner. There were three choices for dinner, The Smokey Boy (sausage shaped as a hot dog) The Poor Boy (Sausage shaped like a burger) and bean soup. Michelle asked the server if she would eat any of this food. Her reply.. "No. I don't care for sausage")

Ok, here is something we did that morning that is really funny. See the image to the left? Sandy had a orange he didn't want. I tried and failed to convince him to see if he could hit that tent (which was about 150ft away). So of course I decide to give it a try. The orange falls short, but makes two bounces then while in mid-air it sticks in the spokes of somebody's bike! We were all laughing so hard. Click on the picture and you can see where the orange landed. We high tailed it out of there before the owner realized there was an orange in his spoke. Ahh Haa HAA. Man that was funny.... Oh well, Guess you had to be there. 
19970620,"10:14","10:14","1st rest stop. 15 miles. Going pretty fast. No sign of michelle."
Strap a couple tomato stakes to the recumbent and we are made in the shade! 
19970620,"16:53","16:53","44.6 mi 13.6 avg 3:17 time"
300 miles later and Kathy is STILL smiling. 
19970620,"16:54","16:54","short day. Blistering hot. Found michelle at the lunch stop. The best thing about todays ride was the dairy queen at the lunch stop. Afterwards mike and bought a tarp and some 5 ft tomato stakes. We wanted to insure there was shade to relax in."
19970620,"20:38","20:38","we are at the sawmill inn. We left for dinner at 5:30. We have been all over town looking for a place to eat. So this is where we ended up. We got a free beer at murphys bar. Can,t beat that.(The owner of the bar was having trouble getting his liquer license so he could not sell beer. He could give it away though! Everytime a biker walked on the whole bar cheered and they handed you a beer. It was GREAT!) After about 10 trys we are now getting ready to eat."
Nothing says love like a Blizzard! 
19970621,"10:46","10:46","village cafe in laurelville. Giavanis was closed so we wandered over here. This place seems great. Air conditioned greasy goodness.
Nothing like a nice healthy Butter Roll. All Sandy wanted was a slice of bread. He ate it anyway. 
 The ride so far has been great. Some awesome downhills then nice long flat runs through the valley. Mike had a flat. Fixed it in 6 minutes. Then he broke the stem and ended up replacing the whole tube. Funny things that have happened today. I get up at 5am, dying to hit the bathroom. I walk up to the line of port a johns and grab one as somebody is walking out. As i left I noticed about 40 people waiting in line. Oops. What the hell are you people doing up anyway?"

19970621,"18:29","18:29","last day 52mi 13.3 avg 3:54 were done! We have had our blizzard and are on the highway. Two killer hills on the way on today but the rest was rolling to mostly flat. Michelle did really well today. It seemed like there were not as many people on thw road. We were thinking many folks just sagged on in."

When we made it back to the fairgrounds where we parked the cars Sandy found his car covered in dried mud.  Evidently some yocal thought it would be a hoot to take their truck and splatter mud all over poor Sandy's car. The sun baked it on really good by the end of the week. Haa HAA!