Past Projects

An Android app widget that helps people collect sleep and sleep related factors easily by leveraging the Android's lock screen widget. Shows how different factors impact sleep quality.
Keywords: self-monitoring; mHealth, sleep; mobile app development; deployment study.
Analyzing quantified self Practice
A qualitative and quantitative analysis of 52 video recordings of Quantified Self Meetup talks to gain insights for designing and developing self-tracking technologies.
Keywords: Quantified Self; personal informatics; health; self-experimentation.
Paper: CHI 2014
visual framing
The same data can be framed differently. Studied the efficacy of various visual and textual framings to identify better designs for nudging positive behaviors.
Keywords: Framing Effect; nudging; visual framing; textual framing; data unit; valence.
Papers: AMIA 2013, Interact 2013
sensor proxies
Investigated privacy risks and implications of in-home sensing and inference systems through Sensor Proxies to collect people's contextualized feedback.
Keywords: Privacy; sensing; inference; diary study; qualitative methods.
Papers: UbiComp 2012
A capture and access system that displays multiple bedroom environmental factors (light, noise, temperature) alongside a person's sleep data.
Keywords: Sleep; capture and access; health; personal informatics; deployment study.
Papers: UbiComp 2012
my private moments
An anonymous survey using Mechanical Turk and physical postcard to learn the activities and habits that people do at home that they would not want to be recorded.
Keywords: Privacy; home; sensing; capture and access; survey; Mechanical Turk; postcard.
Papers: UbiComp 2011