Multiscale Measurements Laboratory


Graduate students currently working in the Multiscale
    Measurements Lab:

Student Project Degree
Brad Boyerinas
Transversely Modulated Nanostructured Films
Sandip Haldar
Multifunctional and Biologically Inspired Sandwich Structures for Marine Applications
Josh Balsam
Nanostructured Films for Biosensing and Lab-on-a-Chip
Curtis Sharkey
Mechanical Characterization of X- and K-Cor Sandwich Composites
Kelsey Cellon
Multfunctional Compliant Wing Structures for Micro-air Vehicles

Alumni of the Multiscale Measurements Lab:

Student Project Degree Completion Date
Alan L. Gershon
Multiscale Mechanical Characterization and Modeling of Hiearchically-structured Materials: Synthetic Nano-enhanced Polymers and Natural Palmetto Wood PhD
Dan P. Cole
Fabrication and Characterization of Compositionally-graded Shape Memory Alloy Films PhD
Arun K. Kota
Processing-Structure Property Relationships in Polymer Nanocomposites
Mitch Gallant Fabrication and Design of Functionally Graded Energetic Materials PhD  2003
Huiqing Jin Characterization and Design of Functionally Graded SMA Thin Films PhD  2004
Alexander Haucky
Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Composite Materials
Jonathan Kruft
Pressureless Sintering of Powder Processed Graded Metal-Ceramic Composites Using a Nanoparticle Sintering Aid and Bulk Molding Technology  MS
Lawrence S. Gyger, Jr.
Thermal and Thermomechanical Behavior of Multi-Material Molded Modules with Embedded Electronic Components for Biologically-Inspired and Multi-Functional Structures  MS
Michael L. Pines
Pressureless Sintering of Powder Processed Functionally Graded Metal-Ceramic Plates  MS
Charles L. Moore Shape Control of Structures with Shape Memory Alloy Wire Reinforcement  MS  2001
Harishbabu Surendranath Optimization Methods for Designing Functionally Graded Materials  MS  2001