Satin Bower Bird

Male Satin Bower Bird at the bower entrance
with a collection of blue and yellow "display-things"

About the bird :

What's a Satin Bower Bird? So what? Sounds dull. Extinction of Blue Milk Bottle Tops. The Palace of Love. Where do Satin Bower Birds Live? Bower Wars What the Bower Bird Likes to Eat What the Bower Bird Likes to do in its Spare Time

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This page courtesy of:
The CSIRO Division of Applied Physics sponsors the Satin Bower Bird at Taronga Zoo under the zoo's Animal Sponsorship Scheme. The sponsorship program contributes to the zoo's food and veterinary costs, as well as their work in conservation and education.

Sponsorship involves a contribution of somewhere between $50 and $100. Robin Shelley-Jones has been responsible for raising this money around the division for the last few years (thanks Robin!). The fate of our shy and feathered friend now rests with me. If you have any comments about this page, or would like to make a donation, please come and see me in D262, phone 7302, or email: (Duncan Butler)

Satin Bower Bird/CSIRO/ October, 1995

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