This laboratory is a focal point for studies of nonlinear phenomena, system identification, signal analyses, acoustics control, damping, and vibration control, with particular emphasis on mechanical, aerospace, and marine systems. As a component of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, this laboratory has close association with the graduate and undergraduate students in the A. James Clark School of Engineering. At any given time, many projects are normally in progress, with specific topics chosen by participating students, faculty, and staff. These projects typically constitute the thesis or dissertation research of graduate students, undergraduate study assignments, and faculty research. Many of the laboratory activities are closely associated with the following centers in the A. James Clark School of Engineering: 1) Smart Materials and Structures Research Center, 2) Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center, and 3) Center for Computer Aided Life Cycle Engineering. The laboratory is well equipped with local network of personal computers and workstations, spectrum analyzers, electrodynamic and permanent magnet shakers, filters, microphones, accelerometers, power amplifiers, enclosure for interior noise control studies, DSP boards, data acquisition boards, vibration controllers, and other related equipment. The laboratory activities have received support from the U.S. Office of Naval Research, U.S. Army Research Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Science Foundation, and companies. Some of the current projects are listed below.