Useful Links

Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide
Debian Reference
How to Install Linux on the Toshiba Tecra M2 Laptop
GNOME - Unix & Linux Desktop Suite
Debian Tutorial
Enlightenment Project
FreshMeat - Enlightenment Themes
Learning Debian GNU/Linux - Complete Book
VIM Documentation - Programmer's Text Editor
Perl 5 by Example - Perl Reference Book by David Medinets
Perl Regular Expressions - Comprehensive Guide to Regular Expressions
Collection of 6 O'Reilly Perl References
NetLibrary - Access NetLibrary through UM Libraries
Staden - SourceForge Staden Documentation & Downloads
NCBI's Sequin - Submit & Update GenBank Entries
MrBayes Homepage
Download MrBayes
MrBayes Files - SourceForge MrBayes CVS Repository
Tree of Life
Expereact - Universite de Lausanne Chemical Database
NIST Chemistry WebBook - Search Chemical Database
Chemical Forums - Ask Questions, Get Answers (I'm a member.)
ChemFinder - Search by Compound Name or Formula
ChemIDplus Advanced - Search by Compound or Property
Hexadecimal Color Chart
Java Hexadecimal Color Wheel
Code Library
Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Code Generating Tool
Software & Scripts
CSS Links & References
CSS Design Reference