Personal Websites on TerpConnect

Your TerpConnect account automatically comes with a free personal website. This can be accessed by typing into your web browser where USERNAME is your TerpConnect username (i.e. the part to the left of the @ in your or email address).

Although there is no additional charge for the website, some restrictions apply:

  1. Your web page must abide by the Campus Acceptable Use Policy. This means among other things that your web site cannot be used for commercial purposes or for illegal activities of any kind (including linking to sites with illegal content). This includes offering copyrighted materials without the consent of the copyright holder.
  2. Your personal web pages are NOT official University documents, and you cannot use them as such or try to pass them off as such.
  3. Your web site shares your 5 GB quota with your home directory.
  4. No server side dynamic content is supported for security reasons. I.e., no CGI, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java, etc. content. Javascript runs on the client side, so that is permissible.
  5. The web site is provided as a courtesy to members of the campus community. We are not a commercial web hosting company. If your web site adversely affects the smooth operation of Division of Information Technologies resources (e.g. because of content or because of excessive traffic), it can and will be suspended without any advance notice.
  6. You are responsible for any material on your website.

NOTE: By default, anything in your personal web directory (/pub/USERNAME) is readable by anyone with internet access. That means everyone in the world. See the password protection link below if that is not desired.

Some useful links: