Tips on Using the Terpconnect Web Based File Manager

Files on TerpConnect/GRACE/Glue can be managed using the Web-based GUI file manager. To use this, just point your web browser to

You will be prompted for your Terpconnect/GRACE/Glue username and password; enter these. You will then get a screen like: Screenshot of filedrawers

Some basic things to note (outlined in green with numbers below):

  • 1: File/folder names show up here. They have been blotted out in this screen shot for privacy reasons. The icons give the file type, and the check boxes allow you to select files to perform operations on. When there are selected files, some of the grayed out options in the left menu box (4) will become available.
  • 2: This section gives the file size and the date the file was created/last modified. Also not the image of the disk drive with an arrow, selecting on that will allow you to download the file. Note that is only available on files, not directories, and only on files you can read.
  • 3: This gives the path of the directory you are viewing. There also is an option to change it/select a new directory. On the right there are also bu buttons to allow you to refresh the screen (i.e. if a file was added outside of filedrawers, you might need to refresh the screen to see it), or to go up to the parent directory.
  • 4: This left menu has many options.
    • You can upload files with the Upload Files option. This will let you move files from the computer you are working at to the TerpConnect file space.
    • If you have one or more files selected, the currently greyed out options acting on selected files will be enabled. You can delete, cut, rename, copy etc. on several files at once this way.
    • If you have selected a folder, you can change the access permissions on the folder. The underlying storage is AFS, so access controls are basically done at the directory/folder level (but apply to the files inside the folder as well). This opens up a GUI for controlling file access.
    • The Favorite Locations link allows you to bookmark certain paths. Click on it to manage or follow your bookmarks.
    • The Class Access will display a list of all GRACE courses and projects you are associated with, and allows you to quickly access the file space for such.