This Java “Desk Accessory” displays one code pageof glyphs from the Unicode character code. The file menu can be used to advance the page displayed through the 256 code pages of Unicode. The font menu can be used to select which font is being displayed. Each square displays the glyph, the low order hexadecimal digits of its Unicode code point, and its advance width. If you make the window larger (using whatever window resizing facility your host browser provides) the glyphs displayed will be made larger accordingly.
OOPS, the Java interpreter is not available on this browser. Sorry. The file menu selection to go to the next nontrivial page is not yet implemented. This will require me to image the glyphs into an in-memory image then compare each image against an image of the default glyph (\ufeff). When this is all done and working I will make the source code to this program available. Please note that the source code is currently all of five pages of Java, and that one of these pages consists only of the Unicode code page names.