I was born on Sep 5th, 1978 at Pohang in South Korea. I spent most my middle and high school in Dae-gu, where is the third largest city in South Korea.

   After the graduation of high school, I started my undergraduate studies in the College of Medicine at University of Ulsan in South Korea. As a pre-medical school student, I completed ninety six credits in premedical and some clinical courses. When I certificated in premedical course and finished the first semester of the clinical course, I decided to change my major from medicine to electrical engineering at Seoul National University.

   I prepared for the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test in Summer 2000 aiming for taking Fall exam in 2000, and I got top 0.18% score of all Korean examinee at that year.

   In Seoul National University, I was interested in the semiconductor device and electrophysics. In my undergraduate research, I designed the Carbon Nanotube junction device biosensor with Biotin-Streptavidin complex. It was published on the Biochip Journal in March 2007 as a second author. Finally, I received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University with early graduation and Cum Laude honors in February 2007.

  After I completed my undergraduate school, I worked at Hynix Semiconductor Inc. as a member of Technical Staff in 2007. My job was developing the gate electrode for dynamic RAM using 38 nm techniques. Before I came to Maryland in Fall 2008, I also worked in Easy Academic Institute in Seoul as a mathematics & physics instructor for one year.

  I joined MSAL(MEMS Sensor and Actuator Laboratory) in August 2008 and I am pursuing M.S. and Ph.D in department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Maryland, College Park. My research is focused on developing an integrated microsystem for biofilm detection and treatment.

Ulsan Medical School in Seoul, Korea

University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA




Young Wook Kim