I joined MSAL in Spring 2006 working under Dr. Ghodssi as a graduate student. I am currently working on the III-V MEMS for Integrative Optical Microsystems project. I completed my M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in February 2009. In my thesis work, titled "Enhancement of an Indium Phosphide Resonator Sensor Microsystems through the Development of an Adaptive Feedback Circuit and Electrospray Deposition," I present the successful development of a feedback circuit for autonomous operation of a resonator and an alternative thin-film deposition method for MEMS post-processing applications. These two developments will enhance the functionality and sensitivity of a resonator sensor microsystem.


I am continuing my Ph.D. in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Maryland, College Park. My Ph.D. research is focused on the integration of biological and MEMS platform to enable highly selective and sensitive sensors. My proposed research is titled “Design, fabrication, and testing of a microring resonator utilizing a virus receptor layer for selective TNT vapor detection.” This research seeks to explore the potential of integrating MEMS technology and the rich technology offered by biological/protein engineering for the application of explosive vapor detection. Specifically, this work is focused on a novel TNT vapor sensor based on an indium phosphide (InP) microring optical resonator platform utilizing a functionalized Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) receptor layer. This platform will facilitate the possibility of integrating optical sources and detectors in the future and will not be limited to the detection of TNT vapor, as it can be modified to sense other target molecules in gaseous or liquid form by modifying the virus’ surface affinity. To enable such a robust and versatile sensor system, three primary thrusts of this research is being investigated: integration of bioengineered virus with III-V MEMS, development of an InP microring resonator, and characterization of a TNT vapor sensor. For more details, please visit MSAL Projects Homepage.

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