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    All Purpose Travel Sites:






    Airline Travel:

  6. List prohibited and permitted luggage items, average wait time at airports, security checkpoints, travel tips for people with disabilities and medical problems

  7. Government site that contains airline consumer contacts, airline safety records, file travel complaints here

    Airline Links:

  8. Gives links to many airline web sites

  9. Gives links to many airline web sites

  10. Links and toll free numbers for many airlines

  11. Airline link plus other links

  12. Airline links

  13. Info on leg room, width, pitch and proximity to bathroom of 21 planes

    Airport Links:

  14. Gives links to many airport web sites

  15. Government site that provides information on status of particular airports not individual flights

    Flight Trackers:

  16. Flight Tracker Check the status of flights coming in or leaving.

  17. Another flight tracking site


  18. Travelers currency cheat sheet

  19. Currency convector of 15 major currencies

  20. Lets you print a currency cheat sheet


  21. Check the weather anywhere-even future forecast

    General Travel Information:

  22. State Department travel site, Department consular info sheet and travel warnings on every county-details on crime-terrorism-traffic safety, etc.

  23. State Department travel site,

  24. International calling codes

  25. Bureau of U.S Customs and Border Protection

  26. Second opinion on travel warnings

  27. Health related info about vaccines, and health threats