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    Language Tools

  1. Google's Language Tools ( Use this link to translate from one language to another.

  2. Google Guide to Translation Services ( This is a tutorial to help you use the Language Tools in Google.

  3. iTools ( Another language tool that does some translation.

  4. Babel Fish from Alta Vista ( Very similar to Google language tools.

  5. Commonwealth ElectronicNetwork For Schools And Education ( Lists several services and tells if they are free or if payment is required.

    Newspaper Travel Sections

  6. Cyber Times Navigator ( This is the New York Times news room home page for general information reporters can access for resources.

  7. Trip Spot ( is a site that lists several major newspaper travel sections. You might have to register for some sites.

  8. Sneak Peeks ( You need to sign up to subscribe to Liberty Travel's Sneak Peeks e-newsletter, to get a 3 days lead peek before they're featured in the Sunday travel sections of newspapers around the country.

  9. Great Newspaper Travel Sections ( is an article that links to many newspaper sites among other resoures.The links are invaluable. The links to major newspapers at the bottom take you directly to the travel sections of those papers.

  10. The Internet Public Library (Newspapers) ( You can search by country then by city to locate most newspapers around the world.You will be surprised by the numbers.

  11. On Line Newspapers ( A user friendly site that can access hundreds of newspapers from the USA and around the world.

  12. News Link ( Still another site that gives you access to newspaper web addresses.

  13. News Directory ( lets you access many newspapers and some magazines.

  14. World-Newspapers ( World newspapers, magazines, and news sites in English, sorted by country and region.

  15. Naples Daily News ( Our local paper.

    Local Naples Links

  16. Naples Daily News ( Click on Local Events to go to listings of several categories of interest. Check out the night scene and the entertainment showcase. You can even e-mail free personalized postcards with Naples themes to your friends and family.

  17. Dining Out, an alphabetical listing of "Dining Out" restaurant reviews from the Naples Daily News.

  18. Naples area Webcam directory. Online cameras in the Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach and Marco Island areas. Click on the image to view the scene. Check out the action on 5th Street South in Old Naples.

  19. Local Movies ( Naples News movie listing. Check each of the movie theaters in the area.

  20. Dining Guide ( has many links to local restaurants, listed by location and by cuisine.

  21. Welcome to Naples, Florida ( list activities and attractions, arts and entertainment, boating, business, dining, fishing, golf, health and fitness, history and culture, shopping, transportation, weather and calendar of events.

  22. Naples Chamber of Commerce (

  23. City of Naples Government Site ( Check calendar of events.

  24. Collier County Museum ( Journey back over 10,000 years of Southwest Florida’s unique past at the Collier County Museum. Learn about mastodons and fierce saber cats, Calusa and Seminole Indians, and the rugged pioneers who settled one of America’s last frontiers.

  25. Naples Realty ( Realty site that has list of attractions, nature, museums, golf etc.

  26. Florida Smart ( Commercial site that lists various activities by city.

  27. Cape Coral Family House ( Click on different categories to go to hot links.

  28. Explore Naples ( Select a category from the pull down menu in the upper right.

  29. Naples, Marco Island, Everglades ( a commercial site that links to many attractions, fishing, gold, calendar of events, etc.

  30. ( the list of attractions is not a hot links list.

  31. Americas Travel Network ( Naples, Florida Attractions & Things to Do.

  32. Corckscrew Swamp Sanctuary ( A 2.25-mile raised boardwalk takes visitors through four distinct environments: a pine upland, a wet prairie, a cypress forest, and a marsh. Interpretive signs along the boardwalk and a field guide and Children's Activity Book available at the admissions desk in the Blair Center allow each visitor to take the self-guided tour. Benches and rain shelters are along the trail. For those who do not wish to walk the full 2.25 miles, an optional trail shortens the walk to one mile. Volunteer naturalists are usually on the boardwalk to answer questions. Allow about 2-3 hours.

  33. Everglades National Park (

  34. Nature Conservancy ( exhibits, boat rides, special events and more.

  35. Naples Botanical Garden ( exhibits, special events, classes, etc.

  36. Koreshan State Park ( Koreshan State Historic Site is the former home of a unique group of late 19th century pioneers.

  37. Caribbean Gardens ( The zoo in Naples.

  38. Philharmonic Center for the Arts ( The Philharmonic Center for the Arts in Naples is the premier performing arts hall in Southwest Florida, hosting more than 400 events a year including world-class dance, opera, classical and popular music and Broadway musicals.

  39. Barbara B. Mann ( Theater in Ft. Myers.

  40. Naples Players ( site of the Sugden Theater on 5th avenue.

  41. Edison & Ford Estate ( in Ft. Myers.

  42. Baseball in Florida ( lists spring training camps.

  43. Naples Golf ( Lists most golf courses but does not link to them.

  44. Germain Arena ( has many sporting events along with entertainment.

  45. Boat Rides ( Boat ride from Ft. Myers and Marco Island to Key West.

    General Travel Information and Travel Tools

  46. TSA Transportation Security Administration ( Important information for all kinds of travel. Gives wait time at checkpoints, luggage restrictions, travelers screening, news and latest events to name a few.

  47. SeatGuru ( Everything you ever wanted to know ( covering over 20 airlines)-- leg room, width, pitch and proximity to the bathrooms.

  48. Visa (, Master Card (, and American Express ( All these sites give world wide information on where atm machines can be found. In some instances they provide maps of these locations and even drive through facilities.

  49. General Purpose ATM Locater and currency converter ( Wide ATM Locaters - Currency Converters - Exchange Rates

  50. Currency Converter ( This site is one of the most popular and well used currency converter sites. It has additional information about currency and economy of most countries.

  51. U.S. customs and Border Protection ( Information you might need if you travel abroad. "Know Before You Go" information like, FAQ, documentary regulations and much more.

  52. Web Flyer ( This site contains all kinds of information on frequent flyer plans of most airlines.

  53. Insure My Trip ( This site offer information on 63 different travel insurance plans from 14 different companies.You can compare each policy giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about your travel insurance needs.

  54. Better Business Bureau ( This site can be searched by company name, phone number or web address to check their ratings.

  55. Travel Sense ( , and United States Tours Operators Association ( . These two sites monitor members for good behavior.

  56. Time and ( Check out time and date of many cities worldwide.

  57. State Department Site ( tells how to obtain, replace or change a passport. You can download applications and forms, get passports cost, and time it takes. The site contains foreign entry requirements, such as whether a visa is required.

  58. Weather (, Accu weather (, World climate ( and Underground ( are all sites that can provide world wide weather information.

  59. LLI.ORG ( Librarians' Index to the Internet on Travel, many catagorizes covered for example, etiquette, toilets, cybercafes, and pets to name a few.

    Online Maps and Driving Directions

  60. MapQuest ( Provides a map of most locations in the United States. To get maps for other countries, click on the MAPS glove button on the top of the page. It can also provide driving directions to and from a location.

  61. Via Michelin ( Provides similar information as MapQuest for 43 European countries.

  62. Online Driving Directions from Rand McNally

  63. Rand McNally Maps

  64. Google Maps. New Goole map site. Drag the map with your mouse, or double-click to center.

  65. US Local Maps Click on the map to zoom in.

  66. – Online Maps to Everywhere

  67. National Geographic Maps Maps & Geography- Online Maps, Games, Information

    Cyber Cafes

  68. Cybercafes ( This site contains a database of 4377 internet cafes in 141 countries.

  69. The Cybercafe Search Engine ( As of December 2004, the database contains listings for 5763 verified cybercafes, public internet access points and kiosks in 161 countries.

  70. Calistoga Bakery and Cafe in North Naples ( Hot spot (on Airport Pulling near the intersection of Vanderbilt Beach Road. If you have a laptop with a wireless card, complimentary High-speed wireless Internet service is available at Calistoga Bakery Cafe. With high-speed wireless internet service, your search for phone jacks is over and the opportunity to stay connected has just begun. With the convenience of a high-speed internet connection, you'll find many uses. Our HotSpot service gives you the speed you need to quickly and easily check your e-mail, download that file you need for your next meeting, surf the Web, and get work done in comfort. All while having your favorite cup of coffee at Calistoga Bakery Cafe.

  71. Wi-Fi Free Spots. ( The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory is a listing of Wi-Fi enabled locations that offer Free Wireless High Speed Internet Access. USA State-by-State listings come first with other regions of the World listed further down the page.

  72. Wi-Fi Networking ( a Wi-Fi locator. You need to check for prices if applicable.

    Sharing your Photos With Family and Friends

  73. Shutterfly ( This is the site we will demonstrate and provide handouts in class.

  74. Online Photo Resource Guide ( great site for comparing photo sharing services. Gives info on cost, space, and shows sample albums.

  75. Displaying and sharing Photos ( This site is a short course on this topic with some info and links to photo sharing services.

  76. Shutterbug (,114900,-1,,7,50,,#t1) More info on photo sharing services along with links to info on photo software and digital cameras.

  77. PC World Magazine. (;428723376;fp;4;fpid;2) PS World Magazine article on Vendor-Run Sites.

    Mary O'Haver, March 2005