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  1. Specialty travel index: (specialtytravel.com) Looking for "something different" in a vacation? Whether you're interested in antiques or bicycle touring, cooking schools or safaris, specialtytravel.com features unusual vacations worldwide.

    Singles Travel

  2. Connecting: Solo Travel Network (www.cstn.org) 800-557-1757 Connecting is a not-for-profit, international organization of individuals interested in sharing going-solo tips, news about single-friendly trips, and in promoting hospitality and good will among solo travelers everywhere. Full annual membership is $45 ($28 for Internet-only membership).

  3. Going Solo Travel Club (www.goingsolotravel.com) 888-446-7656 Welcome! We are a singles travel club, and welcome all solo travellers. Current membership includes single travellers from across Canada and abroad; and, with our recently introduced "land only" option, you can join our tours from any originating city. They have 4 to 8 fully escorted group tours per year. Not a dating service. No membership fees.

  4. O Solo Mio Singles Tours (www.osolomio.com) 800-959- 8568 O Solo Mio specializes in group travel for individuals. We find a compatible travel partner for you to share the expenses and the experiences. Not a dating service.
  5. Singles Travel International (www.singlestravelintl.com) 877-765- 6874 With over 20 years of travel consulting experience, they provide worry free travel arrangements to upscale travelers across the US. Also offers single-parent trips where kids are welcome.

  6. Solo Dining.com (www.solodining.com) 800-299-1079 SoloDining.com serves up "solo dining savvy" for you. Tips and links to help you when you are dining alone.

  7. Travel Alone and Love It.com(www.travelaloneandloveit.com) This Web site is dedicated to showing you how to see the world on your own – safely, economically and with the travel savvy of a pro. A flight attendant's guide to solo and singles travel.

  8. Travel Chums (www.travelchums.com) 212-787-2621, TravelChums will help you find like-minded travel companions whose personalities, interests, and travel plans mesh with yours, stay within your budget by finding a person who will share the cost of a room, taxi, car, and other expenses, connect with people in the places you travel to, find a person with the same travel plans, and find a buddy who shares your interest, enthusiasm, and experiences.

  9. Grand Circle Travel ( www.gct.com) 800-553-1129 This company markets tours and cruises specifically to the over-50 set (but all ages welcome), and efforts are made to limit single supplements for solo travelers. The tours have a reputation for being unhurried and immersing travelers in local culture. The Overseas Adventure Travel division offers trips a bit bolder than those under the Travel division.

  10. iExplore.com (www.iexplore.com) 800-439-7567 Check out the Solo Travel link.

    Adventure and Eco-Travel

  11. Appalachian Mountain Club (www.outdoors.org) 800- 411-5776 Included in this new online resource are links to hundreds of great activities, from local chapter activity listings to professionally-led workshops & outdoor adventures, teen and leadership programs.

  12. Away.com (www.away.com) Top 10 lists of places, activities and adventures, and highlights travel deals. Great photography links.

  13. GORP Travel (www.gorptravel.com) 877-440-4677, You can search by type of adventure, or destination.

  14. iExplore.com (www.iexplore.com) 800-439-7567 Via a map, search for over 20 types of travel in any part of the of the world. Founded in 1999, iExplore is the leading online seller of adventure and experiential travel. We offer 1,000's of off-the-beaten path tours, sold at guaranteed lowest prices often 25% less than trips of comparable high quality. We provide you with the flexibility of purchasing a customized independent tour or a packaged group departure.

  15. National Outdoors Leadership School (www.nols.edu) 800-710-6657 NOLS founder Paul Petzoldt's idea was simple: take people into the wilderness for an extended period of time, teach them the right things, feed them well and when they walk out of the mountains, they will be skilled leaders. Expedition, from two weeks to twelve. Undergrads at more than 400 colleges can receive college credit for semester courses.

  16. Trails.com (www.trails.com) 14-day trial subscription includes the following features. Subscriber Benefits:30,000 trails from 1,000 guidebooks, 30 outdoor & travel activities, Unlimited topo maps, 20 guidebook chapter downloads (3 during trial), 20 hi-resolution map downloads (3 during trial)

  17. Wilderness Travel (www.wildernesstravel.com) 800-368-2794 More than 100 off-the-beaten-path journeys in 60 countries, from wildlife adventures to hiking odysseys to expedition cruises.

  18. Audubon Naturalist Society (www.audubonnaturalist.org) 301-652-9188, Ext. 11 Offers trips with an emphasis on birding.

  19. Better World Club (www.betterworldclub.com) 866-304-7540 Better World Club provides nationwide roadside assistance. The nation's only environmentally friendly auto club. Membership includes eco-travel services, discounts on hybrid car rentals, insurance services, free maps, auto maintenance discounts and bicycle roadside assistance. Its travel service charges $35 for inquiries. Basic membership is $53.95 a year. They donate 1% of annual revenues toward environmental cleanup and advocacy.

  20. Conservation International's Ecotravel Center (www.ecotour.org) 800-406-2306 The Ecotravel Center aims to showcase life-affirming examples of sustainable, responsible tourism as a local economic alternative to more detrimental industries or practices of tourism

  21. Green Hotels Association (www.greenhotels.com) 713- 789-8889 "Green" Hotels are properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste--while saving money--to help protect the earth.

  22. International Ecotourism Society (www.ecotourism.org) 202-347-9203, Ext. 275 TIES is the largest and oldest ecotourism organization in the world dedicated to generating and disseminating information about ecotourism. As a non-governmental organization, TIES is unique in its efforts to provide guidelines and standards, training, technical assistance, research and publications to foster sound ecotourism development join the growing ranks of ecotourism professionals who are working with the Society to make tourism a viable tool for conservation, poverty alleviation, protection of culture and bio-diversity, sustainable development and educational, as well as enjoyable, travel.

  23. National Park Service (www.nps.gov) 888-467-2757 An all- inclusive site for anything and everything to do with traveling to national parks. Links to www.recreation.gov , with information on wildlife watching, hunting/fishing permits; also links to the National Registry of Historic Places site's "Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series." Offers the Golden Age Passport, which includes admission to national parks and discounts for those 62 and older; $10 for a lifetime pass- the deal of a lifetime (the comparable National Parks Pass is $50 per year for those under 62).

  24. Nature Conservancy (www.nature.org/aboutus/travel) 888-883-0736 Travel information connected with the Nature Conservancy. EcoTourism is responsible travel to natural areas which can be an excellent way to learn about biodiversity and local cultures.

  25. Planeta.com (www.planeta.com) Responsible travel and ecotourism initiatives abound which depend on tourist expenditures to fund conservation and social work.

    Travelers 50 years of age or older

  26. Interhostel www.learn.unh.edu/interhostel) 800-733-9753 Many trips for older travelers INTERHOSTEL is administered by the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Division of Continuing Education. FAMILYHOSTEL is a great way for families (grandparents and/or parents and school-aged children) to share experiences of other places, people, and culture as a family.

  27. AARP (www.aarp.org) 888-687-2277 Many benefits besides travel opportunities.

  28. Elderhostel (www.elderhostel.org) 877-426-8056 Elderhostel is America’s first and the world’s largest educational travel organization for adults 55 and over. Elderhostel offers over 10,000 programs a year in more than 90 countries.

  29. Grand Circle Travel ( www.gct.com) 800-553-1129 This company markets tours and cruises specifically to the over-50 set (but all ages welcome), and efforts are made to limit single supplements for solo travelers. The tours have a reputation for being unhurried and immersing travelers in local culture. The Overseas Adventure Travel division offers trips a bit bolder than those under the Travel division.

    Study Abroad and Educational

  30. Study Abroad.com (www.studyabroad.com) 610-499-9200 Many opportunities for students but they must first check with their school to see if they can get college credits for the trips.

  31. Road Scholar (www.roadscholar.org) Road Scholar takes you behind the scenes to experience firsthand the world’s most fascinating cultures and habitats.

  32. National Outdoors Leadership School (www.nols.edu) 800-710-6657 NOLS founder Paul Petzoldt's idea was simple: take people into the wilderness for an extended period of time, teach them the right things, feed them well and when they walk out of the mountains, they will be skilled leaders. Expedition, from two weeks to twelve. Undergrads at more than 400 colleges can receive college credit for semester courses.
  33. Lingua Service Worldwide (www.linguaserviceworldwide.com) 800-394- 5327 Lingua Service Worldwide, Ltd., an independent foreign language program agency, represents private foreign language schools all over the world that specialize in offering “full immersion” language program opportunities. These foreign language study abroad programs have been developed with the purpose of teaching a new language within its own setting in a short period of time.

  34. Shaw Guides (www.shawguides.com) 212-799-6464 Established in 1988 as a publisher of comprehensive worldwide guides to educational travel and creative career programs, ShawGuides has offered free online access to the unabridged, continually updated content of each guide since 1995. You can search the database of more than 5,300 career and recreational cooking schools, wine courses, golf & tennis schools & camps, high performance programs, writers conferences, photography, film & video workshops & schools, art & craft workshops, language vacations, cultural travel programs, and artists' and writers' residencies & retreats.

  35. Smithsonian Journeys (www.smithsonianjourneys.org) 877-338-8687 Smithosonian includes Top-Notch Study Leaders, One-of-a-Kind Itineraries, Unique Access to People and Places.

  36. Guide to college for LGBTQ students. Actionable strategies to assess a school on its inclusivity and programs to help make the transition to college easier for LGBTQ students.

    Family Travel

  37. Mister Spiffy (www.family-reunion.com) Reunion Resources Family reunion planning software - Family Reunion Organizer helps you track families, finances, assignments, schedule, and more. Numerous printouts, and it can even create a family reunion web page! Download a FREE newsletter, full of ideas on how to plan the perfect family reunion! Here's a list of great spots to hold a reunion, submitted by visitors like you. Resource Guide list everything you need to help plan your family reunion

  38. FamilyFun.com (www.family.com/travel) Disney-produced Web site Since 1996, Get tips on travel with kids, advice on planning last-minute vacations, travel games for kids, and a trip planner tool to select the best family vacations.

  39. Family Travel Files (www.thefamilytravelfiles.com) The Travel Phases page of this site reviews age-appropriate destinations; list of special events and festivals organized by state; many useful links.

  40. Family Travel Forum (www.familytravelforum.com) 212-665-6124, Membership-based online newsletter that lists family-friendly travel agents and tips, with links to its other Web sites. $38 annual membership.

  41. Family Travel Network (www.familytravelnetwork.com) 703-905-9858, The Family Travel Network is the nation's oldest and largest free online site devoted exclusively to family vacations. The website provides objective family travel information, tips and resources to parents, grandparents, kids, travel professionals, and others. We are not a travel agency, and we do not sell travel on this site. The Family Travel Network serves as an unbiased source of family travel advice, reviews, bargains, and articles by travel industry experts.

    Special Needs and Disabled

  42. Access-Able Travel (www.access-able.com) 303-232-2979, Comprehensive site where you can access informaiton and resrouces on travel agencies, tours, cruises and travel tips for mature travelers and those with special needs.

  43. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov/travel) 877-394-8747, A goverment site with indispensable site for travel info on diseases and prevention from the U.S. Department of Health.

  44. Emerging Horizons (www.emerginghorizons.com) 209-599-9409, Emerging Horizons is a consumer oriented magazine about accessible travel. Emerging Horizons' primary focus is travel for people with mobility disabilities. Lots of access information, resources, news and travel tips. All with no advertising! Available in print and online. Annual subscriptions are $14.95.

  45. Global Dialysis (www.globaldialysis.com) Global Dialysis has been created as a resource for dialysis patients who want to travel nationally and internationally. Our aim is to collect and provide as much travel information as possible for dialysis patients; Currently have just over 10,240 dialysis centers in 115 countries; Accommodation, travel agents, tours and cruises and travel insurance companies that cater for dialysis patients; Directory of kidney patient associations around the world as a source of independent advice; Free newsletter for the most up-to-date info.

  46. International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (www.iamat.org) 716-754-4883, IAMAT is a non-profit organization that aims to advise travellers about health risks, the geographical distribution of diseases worldwide, immunization requirements for all countries, and to make competent medical care available to travellers by western-trained doctors who speak English.

  47. Medical Travel Inc. (www.medicaltravel.org) 800-778-7953, This site is a travel agency that sets up vacations for dialysis and oxygen patients and families of the terminally ill. Arranges for rental equipment such as golf carts and oxygen tanks.

  48. MedicAlert (www.medicalert.org) 888-633-4298, Members wear a special bracelet or necklace engraved with an ID number that is linked to medical history. Membership is $35 for the first year, $20 annual renewal fee. Provide your emergency medical information only to authorized medical professionals. MedicAlert Foundation protects the privacy and confidentiality of our members by never releasing information to unauthorized personnel or organizations.

  49. Mobility International USA (www.miusa.org) 541- 343-1284, Empowering people with disabilities around the world through international exchange and international development to achieve their human rights. MI's mission is to include the disabled in global exchange programs.

  50. Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality (www.sath.org) 212-447-7284, The Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH) is a non-profit educational organization that actively represents travelers with disabilities.

  51. Travel O2 (www.travelo2.com) 888-467-3563, Specializes in info and rentals for travelers who depend on special oxygen supplies. Good resource for info on regulations on traveling with O2.

    Travel With Pets

  52. Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (www.aphis.usda.gov/travel) 866-723-4827, A site from The U.S. Department of Agriculture on what you can and cannot do when traveling with pets.

  53. Hike With Your Dog.com (www.hikewithyourdog.com) This site has direct links to more than 2000 dog friendly parks, dog regulations for national parks in the US and Canada. There is a place where you can share a favorite hike with your dog with others. The "Park of the Month" archives detail the doggy life in a particular U.S. park each month (with links), and you can search for dog-friendly hikes by state. Also offers "Hike With Your Dog" tours of the mid-Atlantic region.

  54. Pet Friendly Travel.com (www.petfriendlytravel.com) Find pet friendly hotels and lodging so you can travel with your pet. PetFriendlyTravel.com gives you easy access to pet friendly accommodations, including pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, resorts and lodges in the US and Canada.

  55. Pet Travel Inc. (www.pettravel.com) 954-684-9535, Worldwide lodging info with 19,128 listings. Search by city, state,/province, region or country. Comprehensive info on immigration laws, airline policies and pet-friendly restaurants.

  56. Pets on the Go (www.petsonthego.com) 781-934-7202 Pets on the Go™ is a guide for information on pet friendly B&Bs, inns, hotels, resorts and private rentals. Membership ($15 annually) allows you to customize your search and access premium content.

  57. Pets Welcome.com, (www.petswelcome.com) 845-297-5150, Over 25,000 hotels, B&Bs, ski resorts, campgrounds, and beaches that are pet-friendly. Travel Tips section tells how to take your pet anywhere. The "Search by Route" feature helps you plan your trip from the moment you leave home until you return.

    Dietary Concerns

  58. Green Earth Travel (www.vegtravel.com) 888-246-8343 Green Earth Travel,LLC was founded in 1991, and is a vegetarian/vegan/eco travel agency.

  59. Happy Cow's Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants (www.happycow.net) HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide to Restaurants and Health Food Stores is a world guide created to assist travelers and locals find vegetarian and healthy foods.

  60. Shamash: The Jewish Network (www.shamash.org/kosher) This is the Web's most complete and accurate database of kosher restaurants around the world. Here are listings of over 1800 restaurants in over 40 countries updated weekly with the input of thousands of volunteers around the world.

  61. Vegetarian Resource Group (www.vrg.org) 410- 366-8343 Resrouce for travel among otherlinks.

  62. VegDining.com (www.vegdining.com) lists veggie restaurants worldwide.

    Volunteering Vacations

  63. Sierra Club (www.sierraclub.org/outings) 415-977-5522 The environmental group offers more than 350 volunteer-led trips worldwide, including 90 volunteer vacations in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

  64. American Hiking Society,(www.americanhiking.org) 800-972- 8608, www.americanhiking.org. For about $100 you can spend one to two weeks, working six to eight hours a day, cleaning and help preserve U.S. trails while you are camping. Try the map interface.

  65. Amizade (www.amizade.org) 888-973-4443, Amizade encourages intercultural exploration and understanding through community-driving service-learning courses and volunteer programs. Fees and schedule listed on site.

  66. Cross Cultural Solutions (www.crossculturalsolutions.org) 800-380- 4777, Opportunity for participants to work side-by-side with local people, on locally designed and driven projects. Two- to 12-week humanitarian trips in 10 countries that are tailored to your skills and interest. Fees ($2,279 to $4,873) include all in-country expenses.

  67. Earthwatch Institute (www.earthwatch.org) 800- 776-0188, Earthwatch Institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Collect data alongside scientists on archaeological digs and wildlife studies. All levels of expertise welcome. Trips usually range from one to two weeks, $700-$4,000.

  68. Earth Island Institute's Global Service Corps (www.globalservicecorps.org) 415-788-3666, Ext. 128, Global Service Corps (GSC) is a nonprofit international volunteer organization.The GSC program offers opportunities for participants from developed countries to work together with citizens of developing countries on village-based sustainable development community service projects. Costs start at about $2,075 for two weeks.

  69. Explorations in Travel (www.volunteertravel.com) 802-257- 0152, Short-term individual placements with ecological, conservation and wildlife projects in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. $775-$975 for the placement; volunteers responsible for their expenses.

  70. Global Volunteers ( www.globalvolunteers.org) 800-487-1074,(NGO) in special consultative status with the United Nations, Global Volunteers mobilizes some 150 service-learning teams year-around to work in 18 countries on six continents, and is the internationally recognized leader in this field of work. Volunteers work in the United States and abroad (19 countries, including Ghana and the Cook Islands) on projects determined by locals to be most important, such as job skills or health care. Most volunteers for the one- to three-week programs are 50 to 80 years old. Costs $750-$2,900.

  71. Habitat for Humanity's Global Village Program (www.habitat.org/GV) 800-422-4828, Team members work alongside members of the host community, raising awareness of the burden of poverty housing and building decent, affordable housing worldwide. Costs $1,200-$4,000.

  72. Health Volunteers Overseas (www.hvousa.org) 202- 296-0928, Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian voluntary organization headquartered in the United States. HVO is dedicated to improving the availability and quality of health care in developing countries through training and education. Programs vary according to the needs of the countries in which they are located. However, there are certain principles that apply across all programs: Average assignment is one month. Volunteers cover their expenses, usually around $2,400.

  73. International Volunteer Programs Association (www.volunteerinternational.org) 212-807-8686, The International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA) is an alliance of nonprofit, non-governmental organizations based in the Americas, that are involved in international volunteer and internship exchanges. Links to organizations with volunteer exchange programs that suit your interest or destination.

  74. Passport in Time (www.passportintime.com) 800-281-9176, Passport in Time (PIT) is a volunteer archaeology and historic preservation program of the USDA Forest Service (FS). We invite you to work with professional archaeologists and historians on projects including archaeological excavation, rock art restoration, survey, archival research, historic structure restoration, gathering oral histories, or writing interpretive brochures. Archaeological and historic preservation programs by the U.S. Forest Service. No fee to participate, but you often must provide your own transportation, food and lodging.

  75. Wilderness Volunteers (www.wildernessvolunteers.org) 928-556- 0038, Wilderness Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created in 1997 to organize and promote volunteer service to America's wild lands. We work with public land agencies including the National Park Service, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. We don't charge the agencies for our work, but they supply tools and supervision for the projects. It's incredible how much work a group of hearty volunteers can do in a week's time! All trips are led by volunteer leaders. Trips are one week long and are limited to 12 or fewer participants. Meals are included in the trip price. Participants share camp chores. Most trips include extra time to explore and enjoy the area in which they are based. Participants provide their own camping gear (a list specific to each trip will be mailed with registration confirmation), a sense of adventure, and a willingness to contribute time and energy to worthy projects. Most trips are less than $200 a week. Camping gear is not supplied. We use the Body Mass Index (BMI) when looking at height/weight ratios. You can find your BMI here. If you have a BMI over 28, you will probably be turned down for most of the trips.


  76. Hostelling International USA (www.hiusa.org) 202-783- 6161 We are the American affiliate of the Hostelling International network (low-cost lodging) of more than 5,000 hostels in over 60 countries. As a nonprofit organization, we have nearly 70 years of experience serving young travelers.

  77. National Association of Retired Federal Employees (www.narfe.org) 800-627-3394 Membership for those 55 and over is $18 a year (normally $28 a year) and includes international travel insurance coverage and discounts on Greyhound. You need to be a member to access the travel info.

    LGBTQ Friendly

  78. LGBTQ Students and College Affordability.  Actionable strategies to assess a school on its inclusivity and programs to help make the transition to college easier for LGBTQ students.

  79. Damron ( www.damron.com) 800-462-6654 Listing of many gay-owned establishments for accomodations and travel.

  80. GayRes.com (www.gayres.com) GayRes.com the largest gay travel service specializing in discount accommodations worldwide. Offer savings of up to 69% off hotel prices. Provide discount accommodations in hotels.

  81. GayTravel.com (www.gaytravel.com) 800-429-8728 Get advice from industry experts as well as fellow lesbigay travelers, book all your travel arrangements and receive special pricing and upgrades .

  82. International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (www.iglta.com) 800-448-8550 IGLTA is the world's leading travel trade association committed to growing and enhancing its members gay and lesbian tourism business through education, promotion and networking.

  83. Out and About (www.outandabout.com) 800-929-2268 OUT & ABOUT is the acclaimed newsletter for gay and lesbian travelers and for travel agents who serve the gay/lesbian market.


  84. Cruise Line List (raynorshyn.com/cruises/) This page is a listing of "official" web sites that relate to travel by cruise ship. By "official", I mean they appear to be managed by the actual cruise line, government or agency that is being discussed. These are just links to cruise lines. You have to go into each link to see what each company has to offer. Check out the web cams on some ships among other web sites of interest.

  85. Frommers (/www.frommers.com/) Site that provides info on all kinds of travel. You can sign up to get a message about specials.

  86. Freighter World Cruises, Inc. (www.freighterworld.com/) Freighter travel is still the best cruise value, with fares typically ranging from $70 to $130 per day, below conventional cruise ship rates. The majority of freighter cruises range in duration from about 30 to 75 days, but some are 2-3 weeks and some are longer. Nice map interface.

  87. Traveltips (www.travltips.com/) Free trial membership made available for loads of info on freighter travel.

  88. Freighter Cruises (members.aol.com/CruiseAZ/freighters.htm) Represents over 400 cargo/freighter shipswith trips that range from 1 week to 128 days.

  89. Freighter Travel Club (www.freighter-cruises.com/) Membership required but you can still access info (without joining) about trips on line.

  90. 11th Hour Vacations (www.11thhourvacations.com/) Lots of last minute packages forall types of travel.

  91. American Express Cruise Division (www.cruisedivision.com/) You can sign up via email for weekly specials.

  92. Checkout various lines and their ships at independent sites like www.CruiseCritic.com , www.CruiseMates.com , www.CruiseOpinion.com and, for smaller lines, www.SmallShipCruises.com . After you have investigated these sites and think you know what you want, use the toll free numbers provided on the sites or use the on line booking facilities. Online cruise specialists at www.Cruise411.com , www.CruisesOnly.com , www.CruiseBrothers.com and www.Cruise.com can provide additional information. Of course these special discount prices might not include many choices of cabins. You can check cabin availability and what rooms are like at the cruise line website. You might also check with different organization that you might belong to for special travel opportunities. The higher decks and mid ship are the most desirable locations. When purchasing travel insurance, read carefully to see what is covered and under what circumstances.

    Travel agents do not usually charge the client for booking cruises. So if you are not sure what cruise line you would like to use or what trip you would like to take an agent could be a great help. A good agent becomes familiar with the personalities of the different cruise line and ship. They can steer you towards the trip of your dreams. Shore excursions can add a pretty penny to your total price. The ones provided by the cruise lines are usually very expensive. But, choosing local providers can be risky. An agent can help you choose safe excursions that may be more interesting and/or cheaper. Agents can provide good information on travel insurance and tell you in plain language what you are getting for your money.

  93. Shore Excursions (www.cruise.com/cruise_info/shore_excursions/index.html) Use the site to check out shore excursions at different ports.

  94. Your Guide to Shore Excursions (www.shoretrips.com) They have over 400 tour operators on 22 Caribbean Islands who bring you over 1000 well designed ShoreTrips.

  95. Alaska Shore Excursions (www.dollyvardenalaska.com/Shore_Excursions.htm) This site is oriented towards the independent traveler that want to choose their own destination when they get off the ship.

  96. Port Compass (www.portcompass.com/) List discounted shore excursions for Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific.

  97. Sunstone Tours and Cruises (http://www.sunstonetours.com/about.asp) offer independent shore excursions in most ports.

  98. Remember, you can always search via Google (Google.com). In the search field write the word/s you want to search: ie "discount shore excursions" or "shore excursions". If you put the words in quotes it will search for the exact phrase. The web is alwasy changing; some sites disappear and new sites show up each day.

Mary O'Haver January 2005, updated April 2017