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The Washington National Cathedral
Virtual Tour

Teacher's Note: Because we have only one working Internet connection on our computer lab, we downloaded the Virtutal Tour from the Washington National Cathedral Web site, using Netscape History and placed it on our local area file server so it would be viewable on all the computers in the lab.

by Ben and Pentrella

by Ben and Pentrella

When we took the virtual tour, we toured a lot of the Cathedral without even leaving the school. The tour was great. When you are on the virtual tour you could think you are at the Cathedral when you are not.

We worked in groups and toured things like the George Washington Bay, the nave, and the Bishop's Garden. After the virtual tour we knew more about what we were going to see on our trip. We took turns using the mouse so none of us were special. You can learn more on the computer than from someone telling you about the Cathedral.