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by Tosin A.

The Maryland State House is the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use in the United States. The State House was designed by Joseph Horatio Anderson in 1772. It was delayed by the outbreak of the American Revolution and completed in 1779. The present dome, which replaced an earlier cupola, was designed by Joseph Clark and completed in 1788. The interior of the original section of the State House is constructed of wood and plaster. The front entrance, which faces Annapolis Harbor, opens into the main lobby. Displayed above the Grand Staircase, which leads to the second floor, is the often reproduced original painting entitled "Washington Resigning His Commission," by Edwin White, dated 1859. In the background is the Old Senate Chamber. In the Chamber, the Continental Congress met from November 1783 to August 1784. Two of the most famous members were Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. They both became presidents of the United States.