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by Jason B.

Jousting is the oldest equestrian sport in the world. When the second Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert found Maryland in 1634, jousting had been going on in the colonies for 30 years. Jousting Tournaments were a favorite family outing. Over the last 100 years Jousting has involved private contests of skill. Jousting is a family sport which young and old, male or female may participate. The Maryland Jousting Association was founded in 1950. When a Jousting Tournament begins, the Grand Marshall blows a trumpet and the Joust is underway. The first knight gallops down a lane under three arches. Suspended from each arch is a metal ring wrapped in a white cord. The track is 80 yds. long. The first arch is 20 yds, from the start the others are 30 yds. away from each other. Each knight has 8 seconds to try to spear as many rings as they can. Each knight has three attempts at large rings. The knights with tie scores go into a tie- breaker with smaller rings. The winning knight or maid gets to pick a man or woman on whom they decide. After the ceremony, the winning Jouster seals his love with a kiss.