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by Fred B.

The Maryland state dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. And sometimes the retriever is called a ducking dog, a water dog, or a hunting dog. When the hunters kill a duck, the duck falls on the ground or in the water and the retriever goes to get the duck. The word retriever means to come back. Retrievers have short hair which is oily. Oil protects retrievers heads from freezing temperatures. Retrievers have been called a "waterproof dog". Some retrievers have curly hair and some retrievers have straight hair. Some people say that retrievers are color of liver. Chesapeake Bay retrievers are very intelligent and very easy to train. Chesapeake Bay retrievers are very strong swimmers because they have to get ducks in deep water. Retrievers work very hard on there task because they have a very hard task. Retrievers make very good pets for children because they are very intelligent. And retrievers are very good.