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by Charles H.

The black eyed Susan is a wild flower that grows in fields. It is related to the white daisy. Sometimes it is called the yellow daisy. The black eyed Susan is a composite plant. This means that what looks like one flower is actually is made up of many flowers. Each one of the yellow petals is a separate flower. The black eyed Susans grow in a great abundance in the whole state of Maryland. In 1918 at a meeting of the General Assembly at Annapolis, this flower was chosen to be the Maryland's state flower. It was chosen to be the state flower because it has the colors of the Marylands flag. And it has thirteen petals, and there were thirteen colonys. The black eyed Susans grows in many states in our country. In fact the black eyed Susans really started growing in the West and spread to the East. They will re-seed themselves every year. They may grow one to three feet tall.