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The Mantid

By Aaron

I chose praying mantis as my project on bugs.They live in tropical rain forests, meadows,deserts,and gardens. All of these places are warm. The praying mantis was named because of the way it holds its legs. It looks like it is preying. It does this because he is waiting for his prey. He sits perfectly still where he blends in on his perch.When another insect or tree frog comes, he shoots out his four legs and snatches his "meal". He does this at the speed of lightning. The praying mantis does not search for his food. He waits for it to come to him. The female mantid is larger than the male. She will sometimes eat her mate if she hasn't eaten for awhile. She lays her eggs in the fall,usually at night. They are in a protective sack called ootheca. It is attached to diffrent objects. The ootheca is weatherproof. In late spring little sacks emerge from the ootheca. The praying mantis sheds its skin 6-9 times in his life,depending on how much he eats. His skin is really his skeleton. it holds the mantid together.


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