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Marian Anderson

by Brittany

This stamp commemorates Marian Anderson. Marian was only six when she joined her church choir. The people that went to her church were so impressed by her singing talent that they set up a trust fund to pay for the musical training she needed for her singing talent. She made her first appearance (which means her first time singing in front of alot of people) to all the people in 1925. Marian was denied many opportunities because she was black.In 1939 Franklin D. Roosevelts wife Eleanor Roosevelt a member of Daughters of the American Revolution heard that the Daughters of the American Revolition would not let a talented black women named Marian Anderson sing at Constitution Hall so Eleanor Roosevelt resigned. Then she arranged for Marian to sing on the top of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Marian retired from singing in 1965 and died in 1993.