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by Ben Zagri

Harriet Tubman was the "conductor" of the underground railroad and didn't fear a thing. Everytime she rescued a handful of slaves, she made dangerous attempts to save another handful of slaves. She was also known as "Black Moses" because she acted like a god leading slaves to freedom. The underground railroad was made up of supporters that thought slavery was wrong. Those people offered food, water, and hiding places. Harriet Tubman led more than three hundred slaves to freedom and she never lost a passenger. Slave owners sent out huge rewards to find their slaves and Tubman. The slave hunters searched house after house but they couldn't find her although she was right under their noses. Harriet Tubman was in the hiding places for about every house they searched. No matter how hard they tried they couldn't find her and Harriet Tubman was successful on getting every slave in the south up to the north to Canada.