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How We Got This Project On The Web

There are several steps that we followed to get this project onto the we.

Step 1:
Have students follow the directions given in the How students created the tessellations.

Step 2:
Using the wordprocessor, have students give their tessellation a title and write a sentence or two about their tessellation. We use The Writing Center or MSWord 3.0.

Step 3:
Have the students scan their tessellation on a flatbed, color scanner. We use an AppleOne Color Scanner with Ofoto software, which saves the picture in PICT format.

Step 4:
Have students use a graphics program that allows them to change the picture format from PICT to JPEG or GIF, both acceptable for web use. The graphics program should also be used to enhance their scanned image. We use Graphic Converter, a $35 shareware program that is invaluable for this purpose.
To get a set of the templates mentioned, go to Multi-Page Template Handout.

Step 5:
Using a set of templates, and making sure all your files are in one folder at the same level, cut and paste student text and images into appropriate places on each web page. We use Netscape in local mode and Edit for this purpose.

Step 6:
Upload your finished web site to the machine that serves your page.