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Joe Magarac

by Zack

This stamp commemorates Joe Magarac. Joe Majarac was a man or thing made of steel. Joe lived in Hunkietown,PA. Noone ever knew who he was. All they ever knew was he laughed at a man in a contest and he nearly killed the man. He said he was just having a little fun. Then he lifted a bar that weighed 850 pounds and made it into a figure eight. Then he started to work at the steel mill. He worked so fast they had to shut the mill down.
When he mixed the melted steel he said it tickled his hand, that's because he was made of steel. He said he lived to work and eat. When he wasn't eating he was working and when he wasn't working he ate.
Pete Pussick worked at the mill. He too was Joe's friends. Pete won the prize at the contest, Big Steves' daughter Mary because Joe turned down the prize. Pete was so grateful he gave Joe all the food he wanted at the wedding.
The day the mill shut down every one was worried about Joe Magarac. When the mill reopened Joe was in the big vat of melted steel, melting away. Joe gave them instructions of what to do with him in the end. In my picture Joe Majarac is melting.

by Andy

This stamp commemorates Joe Magarac the famous steelman. No one knows where he came from but he was born with steel in his body from head to toe.
He said, "The only thing I have time to do is work and eat, " and that's what he did.
He was so good at making steel that he could do the job of ten men at once. He could stir the hot steel with his bare hands and squeeze bars out of the cold steel like dough. He worked so hard and he loved his job. He worked day and night shoveling limestone, ore, and scrap iron into the flames of a huge bubbling furnace.
He had friends that worked with him at the number 7 furnace like Pete Pussik and Eli Stanoski. When he was not working he was eating. He had five big meals at a time and after he was done he hurried right back to work. He made so many bars that everybody had to leave work for three days.
He was also a kind man, so kind that when they needed to make a bigger plant, he offered to have them use the steel from his body (since it was the finest steel) for their new plant. The workers did what he said and soon they made a huge plant with the steel shining like silver. Magarac means jackass in Hungarian but now when people call each other that, the only thing, they do is start flexing their muscles.
This stamp shows when Joe is in a steaming pot of steel so that they can build a new plant.

by Pierre

This stamp commemorates Joe Magarac, the steelmaker. No one knows exactly where Joe Magarac was born. It was a long time ago when he last appeared in Pittsburgh in a small town called Hunkie Town. Around that time there was a big party put on by a steel-worker called Steve Mastrivitch. It was no ordinary party. Invitations were sent to all the people in Hunkie Town. The party was like a competition to see who was the strongest man in Hunkie town.The strongest man would win a prize. The ultimite prize was Steve Mastrivitch's daughter, Mary Mastrivitch the most beautiful girl in all of Hunkie town. Young men bragged and showed their muscles to Mary. Mary paid no attention to them.
I'm the best man for her," said Pete Pussik from Hunkie town.
"Stop bragging," said Eli Stanoski, another from Hunkie Town." I'am the best one for her!!", he said showing her his chest.
Mary paid no attention. Finally the contest began. Three men each lifted a steel bar with no problem. Then they tried to lift the next bar that weighed 10,000 pounds more. That bar was so heavy they could barly even try to lift it.
"HO,HO,HO," said someone in the crowd.
"Who said that?" said Eli.
"I did," said a man walking out from the crowd.
"Are you making fun off me?!!" said Eli.
"No," said the man.
"What is your name?", said Eli.
"My name is Joe Magarac," said the man.
Suddenly a boom of laughter filled the room. Everyone in the crowd was laughing because Magarac means jackass in Hungarian. Joe lifted the bar and bent it. He bent that bar like a piece of string. After that Joe won the prize, but he didn't want to keep it for he had other things to do.
" Here Miss, you can marry that young man called Pete Pussik!" said Joe.
Mary was very happy. Pete and Mary got married at once. After that Joe had many adventures. The way he ends his life is so sad. My picture shows Joe Magarac pouring melted steel into a ladle.

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