How to Convert Kid Pix Slideshows for the Web

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1. You will need the programs GraphicConverter (shareware) and SoundEdit Pro (commercial). Make aliases for each program and place them on the right-hand edge of your desktop. You should also download the template files that will be needed in step 6.

2. Create a new folder on the hard disk for each slide show and copy all the files for each slide show from the floppy to its folder on the hard disk. Each slide show consists of a set of Kid Pix documents, one for each slide; we will call these the "original slide files". (Note: in addition to the slide files, there will also be a "Slide Show" file; however, that file is not needed for the Web conversion). Rename the slide files slide1, slide2, etc., in the order that they appear in the slide show Make sure the file names do not contain any spaces or punctuation. Name the title slide "Title".

3. Convert the pictures.

4. Convert the sounds. 5. Check the files. You should now have two new files for each slide: "slide1.GIF" and "slide1.aiff", "slide2.GIF" and "slide2.aiff"and so on for every slide in the show, plus the title slide Title.GIF. Make sure that the files names are correct and that they do not contain spaces or punctuation. (The original slide files will not be needed further).

6. Create a new folder (Make sure its name does not contain spaces or punctuation) and move all the .GIF and .aiff files into it. Add to this folder a duplicate set of all the files from the "SlideShow Template" folder. (Open the "SlideShow Template" folder, Select All, then hold down the Option key and drag the files to the new folder).

7. To view the slide show, drag the file "index.html" onto the Netscape icon.

8. If you are creating a Web site consisting of one or more slide shows that are related to a class project (or if you are planning to accumulate several slideshows from different classes or years), you can use the "Slideshow Web site template" to organize everything:

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