Native American Culture Hypercard Stacks

Fifth graders at Fairland Elementary School worked in groups of six or seven to produce educational posters on Native Americans in conjunction with our study of American History. Each student was responsible for one part of the project consisting of a short report and a graphic. After the project was finished, they were to present it to their classmates. In conjunction with the teacher, they helped create a test to go with their poster. They were also able to share their work with children in lower grades. All 80 fifth grade students participated in this activity.

After the students' posters were completed I attended a multimedia workshop where I learned how to create these stacks. I captured the students' graphics with a Super MacVideo Spigott, a camcorder and a Mac LC. Since the text had already been written, I simply copied from the student's disk and pasted into the stack. Later, I had the students create an audio buttons to read the captions they had written.

This stack was constructed using the Large picture template. A sample Native American Stamp stack, with all pictures and sounds, can be downloaded as a self-extracting archive from   

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