Muhammad Ali

By Marshall Burchard

Book report and stamp artwork by Christina

Muhammad Ali's real name is Cassius Clay Jr. Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He was born on January 7,1942 . His parents' names are Odessa and Cassius Clay. His father was a sign painter. He was payed $60 a week. He was not very poor, but average pay for a Kentucky worker. It all start one day with a band new bike. Cassius Jr. was 11 years old. Somebody stole his new bike. He when to officer Martin Cassius Clay Jr. and told him he would kick someone's Butt. But it was not right to go out and kick someones butt. Officer Martin train him for 2 years. Muhammad Ali got married and had 3 girls.

His first boxing teacher was Joe. Jr. would not answer to his real name, he said it is a "Salve name". He changes it to Muhammad Ali when he change religion. He was raised a Christian but now he became a Black Muslims.Then in 1967, Muhammad Ali was ordered by his draft board to join the U.S. Army. At the time the Untied States had 500,000 soldiers fighting in Vietnam. Muhammad Ali don't go as he was told. Muhammad Ali's title was taken away and he was sent to court. He was to pay 500 dollars then go to jail. He don't go to jail and beat Forman for his title back.

My stamp show Muhammad Ali in his room in Louisville Kuntucky. The colors on my stamp are red, brown, voilet, red, blue, and black. His pants, shoes, and gloves are in the back of the wall of his room. The symbols are his outfit.

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