John Fitzgerald Kennedy America's Youngest President

by Lucy Post Frisbee

Aladdin Books, New York

Time Magazine " A Thousand Days"

by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

July 16, 1965, Time Publishing Company

Book report and stamp artwork by Stephen

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, America's youngest president, was born on 1917 in Boston, Massachusetts. His parents were Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Joseph P. Kennedy. He had three brothers and five sisters. Two were almost as famous as JFK. himself. Robert Kennedy was an attorney general of the United States. Teddy Kennedy is now a U.S. senator from Massachusetts. This Irish-Catholic family was wealthy. JFK. attended tvery good schools, Choate and Harvard College. He was smart, witty, prankster-like, charming, kind and patriotic. He had bushy brown hair, blue eyes, a toothy smile, and was tall with broad shoulders. He died November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas from bullet wounds. He was assassinated while riding in a convertible.

JFK was famous because he was different from most presidents. He was only 43 when he was elected our first Roman Catholic President. He had a youthful, vigorous approach that made many American believe that almost anything was possible. He advanced the nation's new space program by declaring that NASA would put a man on the moon within ten years. This happened, but he didn't live to see it. His death, though tragic, reminded the world no matter what happens to the man, the office of the president continues.

This stamp commemorates our thirty- fifth president. The idea for the portrait came from the cover of a 1965 edition of Time magazine. The picture had never been published before that. It is a simple photograph of his face with no background. It could have been taken anywhere during his years in office. The youthful appearance reminds us that he died so young.

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