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I Have A Dream

By: Patricia

I have a dream for the world. I dream that one day, soon, the environment will be cleaner. Breathing clean air must feel good, unfortunately we don't have very clean air. If the air and ground were cleaner we could have a healthier body. There wouldn't be any sick animals or people because of pollution or garbage. A cleaner environment can come trueif everyone helps clean up.

I have a dream for my country. I dream that one day, soon, everyone who is hungry can get a decent meal. The hungry people must be ill. If they had a good meal they wouldn't be so thin. They must be weak from hunger. Everyone can have a few decent meals if people care.

I have a dream for my school. I dream that the kids will be nicer to each other. It must feel bad to be treated badly. If we were nicer, kids wouldn't be hurting. Some kids have no friends because other kids don't respect them. Those kids are lonely. Everyone can be nicer, it's all in their hearts.

I have a dream for my family. I dream that my family will live long. I don't want a sickness in my family that will kill. I love them. I care for them. We can live long if we stay healthy.

I have a dream for myself. I dream that one day when I grow-up that I can be a cosmetic surgeon. I wanted to be a scientist and I like cosmetics and a cosmetic surgeon fits both. I want to support my parents when they can't work anymore. I want to make people happy about the way they look. I can be what I want to be, but only if I try!

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