Helen Keller

By Margaret Davidson

Published by Scholastic Inc

Book report and stamp artwork by Nicole

Helen Keller was born in 1880. Helen was not born deaf or blind. At 8 months old she got a high fever. Then after her fever went down, the next day, Helen had her eyes open but she never heard her mom when she called her name. Then for the next five years of her life she did anything she wanted to do. She became very spoiled becuase her parents felt soryy for her and didn't know what to do. Then Annie Sullivan came along and changed her life.

One of the major reason that Helen Keller is famous is because she went to collage when she was deaf and blind. When Helen's family first asked Annie to help teach Helen, she said "No." But later she said she would help Helen. The training for collage took six long years of workingbefore Helen was ready to go. Then after those six years Helen was ready to go to collage. Annie almost went blind. Helen showed the world that deaf and blind people can learn to talk and go to school.

My stamp commemorates Helen Keller. The colors used are black, dark blue, light blue, red, and tan. I used these colors because I like them all. The words and letters I used are Annie Sullivan, September 24,1880, U.S.A. And in a grave I have written R.I.P. died: 1903 born: 1880. The book that is outlined in red and little blue dots in it is a braillebook that she liked to read in the dark. The hand that has the pinky and the thumb up and the rest of the fingers are down, that is in sign language. It is the sing for love.

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