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D is for Douglass

Frederick Douglass

by LaShone

Frederick Douglass was born a slave in 1817. When Fred was 9, he went to Baltimore to work and live with the Auld family. Mrs. Auld taught Fred to read and write along with her own son, Tommy. When her husband found out he forbade her to teach Fred any more. Fred went to live with Mr. Auld’s brother where he was treated badly and tried to run away. Hugh Auld of Baltimore had his brother send Fred back to him. He put Fred to work in his shipyard.

Fred borrowed “free papers” from a sailor and was able to run away to New York. He changed his name to Frederick Douglass. He began to speak out against slavery. He eventually started a Newspaper called the North Star which helped other slaves escape to freedom. After the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, freeing all slaves, Douglass became a personal friend of President Lincoln. On February 20, 1895 Frederick Douglass died.

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